UPDATE: December 25

According to multiple December 25 news reports, a second Guatemalan child, an 8-year old boy, died in CBP custody shortly after midnight on Christmas day. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

My upcoming December 26 comment will discuss an incisive and perceptive article by Carthage College (Wisconsin) Professor of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Mimi Yang, comparing Trump's Wall of hatred against non-white immigrants with the Great Wall of China.

My December 26 comment will also discuss Trump's invisible "Wall" against non-white legal immigrants, including but by no means limited to H-1B, specialty work visas, family green card applicants, and refugees; not to mention his openly bigoted Muslim ban.

To paraphrase what President Reagan famously said to Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev in connection with the Infamous Berlin Wall

"Tear down this Wall, Mr. Trump!"

Stay tuned, and Merry Christmas to all ilw.com readers.

Revised and updated: December 22, 8:34 am:

As Donald Trump's government shutdown over his obsessive demand for border Wall funding in order to placate his white supremacist base begins on Saturday December 22, it is more important then ever to be honest and open about the real reasons for his fixation on the Wall.

No one has described Trump's real motivation for building a border Wall more succinctly or accurately than CNN commentator Angela Rye, who stated that:

"Donald Trump is fixated on the Southern border, as he was on the day that he announced his campaign. It is not about securing the borders. It is about the xenophobic, racist, bigoted beliefs that he holds."

See Breitbart News, December 11:


Update, December 21, 3:18 pm:

The Guardian reports on the afternoon of December 13 that Chief Justice Roberts has joined the four liberal justices in a 5-4 Supreme Court decision refusing to put on hold an order of a federal judge blocking enforcement of Trump's attempt to ban applicants who enter the US illegally from being granted asylum. See:

Supreme Court rejects Trump plea to enforce asylum ban at US-Mexico border


My original comment appears below.

The Washington Post reports on the morning of December 21 that Donald Trump is now threatening a government shutdown that will "last for a very long time" if the Senate refuses to approve his demand or a border Wall of hatred and vilification of non-white immigrants, whom he once again identified with "Crime" in a morning tweet. See, Washington Post:

Trump threatens government shutdown that "will last for a very long time" if Democrats oppose House bill that includes border wall money.

As the above headline also indicates, the outgoing lame duck House Republican majority spinelessly caved into Trump's demand for$5 billion in Wall at the last moment before leaving town for the holidays despite the reservation that some Republican leaders had expressed about giving into Trump's Wall obsession.

POLITICO also reports on how the president's decision to battle it out at all costs on Wall funding, no matter how much damage a shutdown would do to millions of Americans who depend on government services, and to hundreds of thousands of federal employees who would be working without pay over the holidays, was made out of a desire to placate the most extreme elements of hate and racism among his own supporters. See:

Pressure from base pushed a flustered president into shutdown reversal.


While as usual, the media are focusing on the disheartening but superficial details of the shutdown threat crisis ,such has what Nancy Pelosi or Paul Ryan might or might not have said to Trump in an Oval Office meeting about Wall funding, or whether Trump's reversals indicated "chaos" within the administration, they fail to focus on the appalling human suffering caused by Trump administration's broader policy of attempting to keep non-white immigrants in every category,including legal immigrants, out of the US at all costs. See my earlier comment about Carthage College (Wisconsin) professor Mimi Yang's outstanding and courageous 2017 article:

The Trump Wall: a Cultural Wall and a Cultural War


What most commentators unfortunately lose sight of is the appalling human suffering caused among immigrants who do not happen to have the white skin color or ancestry from "Countries like Norway" which Donald Trump and hos supporters demand as a condition for immigration to the United States.

One welcome exception, by a writer who is not afraid to tell the truth about the devastating effects of Trump's policies on actual human beings (when he is not calling them "animals" that is) is a December 18 comment in The Hill by Anne Chandler, who has actually investigated the horrible conditions faced by Central American asylum-seekers who are being barred from presenting their claims in the US according to law by the Trump administration's illegal closing or slowdown at authorized border crossing points such as the one in Tijuana. See;

In Tijuana, asylum seekers sleep in the mud, without needed food, restrooms or medical care.


Chandler reports:

"The [Tijuana immigrant] shelter...is an uncovered sports arena which provided no refuge from the rains that arrived midweek. Most parents lacked access to a tent or a tarp to keep themselves or their children dry,..The raw sewage that lingered near the portable toilets quickly spread...into the families' belongings.

One mother cradling a moaning 3-year old child in her arms explained to me the various injuries she suffered at the hands of her abusive husband. She kept pausing in her description of why she left her country with her children to point out the blood in her child's stool, and that she could not sleep at night out of fear that her child might not make it."

This is the kind of effect that Trump's agenda of keeping American white by barring non-white immigrants is having on actual human beings (whether or not the president is willing to admit that that immigrants with brown skin color are in fact human beings).

Could the atrocities that the Trump administration is inflicting on asylum seekers, who are being denied the legal right to pursue their claims at the US border which the Supreme Court has just reaffirmed, be the prelude to setting up concentration camps for US citizens who opposed Trump's white supremacist, authoritarian agenda sometime in the near future?

The Trump administration's gross violations of the human rights of non-white immigrants today, could lead to the same treatment of American citizens tomorrow.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law