The Washington Post reports on the morning of November 26 that asylum-seeking Central American mothers and children, who were subjected to Donald Trump's brutal an inhuman family separation policy, only a few months ago, with the children being locked in freezing ICE boxes and dog cages, are now chocking on Trump's tear gas at the border between the US and Tijuana, Mexico, while Trump illegally down the border entry point in that city to prevent anyone from coming into the United States.


U/S. closes major crossing as caravan migrants mass at border in Mexico.

While Americans were celebrating our values of freedom and equality of all people, regardless of skin color, religion or ancestry, during the Thanksgiving holiday, Trump was busy sending more tweets attempting to ramp up hysteria and fear of a comparative handful of several thousand mainly women and children heading toward the US in order to assert their legal right under US and international law to present their asylum claims at am authorized US border crossing point, which Trump has now illegally shut down against all comers, not only asylum seekers. See, Chicago Sun Times, November 25:

Trump aims tweet at migrant caravan as holiday break ends:

First, let us make clear that Donald Trump is the one who is breaking the law and attempting to set himself up as superior to the law, not the asylum-seeking migrants, who have every legal right to present their claims at an authorized border crossing point. See, Elizabeth Leiserson. Yale Law Journal

U.S.Detention and Removal of Asylum Seekers: Am International Human Rights Law Analysis (June 20, 2016)

--Second, it is important to focus on the real reason for Trump's obsession with barring entry to a group of mainly women and children who present no conceivable harm to the US whatsoever, but who have the "wrong" skin color and are not from "Countries like Norway." SeeCNN, November 4:

Trump is trying to whip up fear about the browning of America

I will discuss this perceptive and important CNN article by Dean Obeidallah, a former practicing attorney, later turned stand-up comedian and media show host, in a forthcoming comment.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law