There seems to be an amazing historical amnesia on the part of some of America's most prominent opponents of immigration and many other people who, like Donald Trump, are now warning about the alleged dangers of America's being "overwhelmed", "inundated", or to use Trump's words, "invaded" and "infested" by tens of millions of "uneducated", "impoverished", and "unskilled" immigrants (such as Trump's own grandfather and mother, that is) who come from "undeveloped" (i.e non-white) parts of the world.that produce nothing but "crime" and "terror".

I refer not only to Trump's chief anti-immigrant Svengali, Stephen Miller, who is descended from Jewish immigrants, but also former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the son of an Italian immigrant, and many other politicians and opinion-makers of Irish, Southern/ Eastern European or other white ancestry.

These Trump supporters seem to have no awareness whatsoever of the fact that it has on;y been a few decades since the same kind of vitriol and invective that is now being used against both legal and unauthorized immigrants from Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia was being directed against their own European immigrant ancestors.

Just as Donald Trump .wants to 'shut down our country" against Latino, Muslim and other immigrants from "shithole" countries, untold millions of European immigrants of "inferior stock" (or unpopular religion) were once excluded from America.

In forthcoming comments, I will discuss this issue in more detail, By way of introduction, I suggest that readers may wish to ead the following articles:

1) When Jews came from 'shithole countries'
(Ben Sales, JTA and Times of Israel,01/12/2018

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3) Why were so many Irish deported from the US in the 19th century?
Hidetaka Hirota, Irish Times 03/21/2016

Maybe if more Trump immigration supporter knew or cared about the hatred and prejudice directed against their own European immigrant ancestors not so many years ago, there would be fewer Trump immigration supporters.