The following comment is revised and updated as of July 5, 9:52 pm:

Trump's "tough" treatment of Latin American and other non-white detained immigrants has admittedly not yet reached the depths of Nazi concentration camps such as Dachau and Buchenwald, but the differences are becoming harder and harder to notice as time passes, as shown by the latest (July 5) report about horrendous conditions at a California immigration prison where one inmate has already committed suicide.

In a July 3 pre-holiday rant at a dinner in West Virginia, Trump defended ICE and the Border Control against nationwide criticism and outrage over his brutal family separation policy and latest support for illegal indefinite family detention. In doing so, he continued his attempts to vilify and smear Central American immigrants fleeing intolerable and dangerous conditions in their home countries as all being members of the MS-13 gang.

And echoing Adolf Hitler, who told a 1935 Nazi Party rally that German youth must be:

"...tough as leather, and as hard as Krupp's steel"

Trump praised the DHS agents for being tough on "MS-13" immigrants - presumably by tearing breastfeeding babies away from their asylum seeking mothers, shackling 4-year old children and locking them in cages, or sending them to desert tents.

This is what Trump had to say about ICE and CBP in celebrating the spirit of democracy, freedom and equality for all people in America which July 4 stands for:

"These are tough people...And you have to be tough. And when they have a problem with MS-13 gangs, and all of these others that came in through horrible and weak immigration laws - that surely we're strengthening up, we're going to get them done. We need tough laws, we need fair laws."

Trump continued:

"These guys they walk into those areas, they take them out of there so fast - they're not afraid of anything. It is, it's like you're liberating a town...And ICE goes in there, and they go in there and sometimes they have to go in swinging. They don't mind. They're tough."

Aside from the not-so-faint resemblance of this kind of talk to Hitler's glorification of violence on the part of his "enforcement" apparatus, such as the Storm Trooper and the Gestapo, which he claimed was justified by the alleged danger to Germany from the Jews, Socialists and Communists, just as Trump rants on about MS-13, there is one key point that stand out from Trump's above inflammatory rhetoric:

This is that, despite Trump's attempt to conflate all Latin American, and by extension other non-white, immigrants with criminal gangs, and illegal immigration in general, his attacks are not limited merely to enforcing existing immigration laws, as some of his defenders like to claim.

Instead Trump is attacking our current immigration system itself, including our legal immigration laws, as "horrible and weak".

Nor are these attacks limited to current asylum laws, which Trump and Jeff Sessions have constantly criticized as allegedly too easy and are now trying to rewrite by administrative fiat without going through Congress, as I have discussed elsewhere in a previous comment.

Neither are Trump's attacks on the legal foundations of our immigration system limited to his recent statement that he wants to abolish the immigration court system, and its judicial process, entirely.

(Even the German Fuehrer didn't abolish the court system entirely, as Trump wants to do with America's immigration courts, but Hitler instead set up "Special Courts" - Sondergerichte - which he controlled, but which still at least on the surface, operated as real courts.)

Instead, these are part of Trump's attacks on America's entire structure of legal immigration, including, to give only one of many examples, his furious attempts to abolish the Diversity Visa and what he calls "horrible" extended family immigration (see his December 29, 2017 tweet), which he refers to by the misleading and racist pejorative: "Chain Migration".

These forms of legal immigration have little or nothing to do with what is taking place now along the Mexican border or with any criminal gangs, but they have a great deal to do with having allowed millions of non-white immigrants to come to the US legally over the past several decades - something which Trump and his supporters are far more interested in putting an end to than they are with stamping out MS-13.

Therefore, Trump's focus on MS-13 is not just an attempt to eliminate an admittedly dangerous and violent criminal gang. MS-13 is his metaphor for all non-white immigration.

Nor is any of this new.

In a forthcoming post, I will discuss a comprehensive study by a group called Political Research Associates showing that Trump's war on non-white immigrants, legal and unauthorized alike, did not by any means start with Donald Trump, but is part of a movement that has been promoted by white supremacist and anti-immigrant groups for at least the past three decades. See:

Where the White House Gets its Racist Immigration Policies

This study will show that, despite all the histrionics and rhetoric, Trump's immigration agenda has very little to do with MS-13 and a great deal to do with taking America back in the direction of the whites-only immigration system which this country had prior to 1965, and which many of Trump's most vocal and ardent supporters are so eager to reinstate now.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law