According to the latest news reports, Trump is considering firing A.G. Jeff Sessions, whom he has never forgiven for recusing himself from the Russia investigation, and replacing him with EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

Not surprisingly, Trump has angrily denied this story with yet another attack on America's free press as "dishonest and corrupt."

Pruitt has come under intense media scrutiny for alleged outrageous ethics violations, which however serious they might be, are still trivial compared to the terrible damage he is doing to the environment, and the entire planet, by virtually demolishing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and turning it into an agency dedicated to helping big polluters poison America's atmosphere and waters as much as possible; while hastening the destruction of all life on earth through climate change. As The Guardian sums it up in succinctly in a February 12 article:

"It bears remembering that Pruit heads the Environmental Protection Agency. It's easy to forget, since he seems to think it's his job to undo as many regulations protecting the environment and public health as possible, and to maximize fossil fuel industry profits."

This may turn out to be the worst legacy of all of the Trump presidency - even worse than his attempts to change America's immigration climate by bringing back "Countries Like Norway"- style white supremacy, as in the 1924 "Nordics-Only" immigration act, into America's immigration system - that is, if there are still human beings left on the planet to remember the "Trump Era" in the future as a result of uncontrolled global warming.

But there may a silver lining: If Pruitt takes over as A.G. and wrecks the immigration court system the way he is wrecking the EPA, then there might be fewer deportation orders (not more, as Sessions is now trying to force IJ's to produce with his 700 cases per year per judge diktat to the immigration courts - making a mockery of due process and judicial independence).

If the deportation system grinds to a halt, as protection of the environment is doing under Pruitt, that might be a big setback for Trump's mass deportation agenda and his attempt to expel as many brown immigrants as he can as quickly as possible. It could, conceivably, result in a welcome climate change for immigration in Donald Trump's America.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law