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For the very latest report on how Trump and other administration officials, obsessed by the goal of ending a major avenue of non-white legal immigration during the past half century, torpedoed a bipartisan Senate bill that would not only have protected the Dreamers but even provided funding for Trump's Wall of hostility and humiliation against Mexican and other immigrants of color, see David Nakamura and Mike Debonis, writing in the February 17 Washington Post:

Trump administration assault on bipartisan immigration plan assured its demise

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Trump's attempts to use "national security" as grounds for trying to stop millions of US citizens from sponsoring their close relatives from countries that are not as white as Norway are even more reprehensible in view of his total lack of interest in enacting legislation to protect American schoolchildren from gun-toting maniacs such as the deranged American mass killer who snuffed out the lives of 17 victims on Valentine's Day.

My earlier comments follow:

The comments below discuss various aspects of Donald Trump's so far failed attempts to use the threat of deporting up to 800,000 Dreamers as a weapon to bludgeon Congress into enacting the largest change in America's legal immigration system in the past 50 years.

Under the changes which Trump is fighting for with every means at his disposal, millions of American citizens who are now eligible to sponsor their parents, adult children or siblings for green cards would lose this right, tearing families apart for no other reason than the fact that most of the immigrants who would be affected by this proposal come from places where people have darker skins than citizens of "countries like Norway" which Trump stated on January 11 are more desirable as countries of origin for immigrants to the US (in his opinion) than those of what he called "shithole" countries of Africa, the Caribbean and Central America.

The following comments look back to the history of another era of falsehood and demagogy in America, namely the 1950's period when Senator Joseph McCarthy launched the same kinds of attacks against people who held liberal or left wing political views that Trump is now launching against legal immigrants of color, especially those who happen to come from parts of the world where most people are black, Hispanic or Muslim.

However, just as McCarthy finally went too far by attacking the US Army, which quickly ended his notorious career, Donald Trump may also reach his "McCarthy moment" leading to the end of his presidency, if he tries to follow through on vaguely expressed, but still obvious, threats to round up and deport the Dreamers if Congress refuses to accept his demand for draconian cuts in legal immigration from non-white parts of the world as a quid pro quo for granting protection to the DACA recipients whom he has himself placed in jeopardy.

The effect on Trump's presidency if he carries out the unmistakable threats he has been making to deport the Dreamers if his demands to terminate family (and diversity) visas which have enabled tens of millions of mainly non-European immigrants to immigrate to the US in the past few decades may be compounded by Robert Mueller's February 16 indictments charging massive illegal interference by Russia with the 2016 election in order to help Trump win.

While to be sure, Mueller has not (at this point) charged that there was any collusion with the Russian efforts by Trump or any member of his staff, his indictment clearly raises additional questions about whether Trump would have won the election without this illegal Russian support. For more about this issue in Fortune, which no one can accuse of being left wing or partisan Democratic, see:

This cannot help but raise questions about the legitimacy of Trump's presidency, which could make the reaction against him even stronger among many segments of the American public if he tries to punish the Dreamers for his failure to persuade Congress to make huge cute in legal immigration from non-white parts of the world. McCarthy, as mentioned above got into more than enough trouble when he went too far with his lies and assaults on basic decency - and no one ever questioned that he had been elected legitimately.

For another story about how Mueller's Russia indictments are raising more doubts about the legitimacy of Trump's presidency (which in turn could affect his ability to proceed with his agenda of turning America back toward the era of whites-only immigration that was effect from 1924 to 1964), see: POLITICO:

As useful background the following opinion on the reasons for Trump's latest assault on legal immigration from outside Europe, by Amanda Marcotte's February 16 column in

Trump's immigration policy in brief: Total racist shutdown

will put my following comments in perspective:

For most readers, the moment on June 9, 1954 when Joseph Welch, counsel for the United States Army, famously responded to the attempts of Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI) to destroy the reputations, careers and livelihoods of hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent Americans by falsely accusing them of Communist affiliations, is merely a chapter, or a paragraph, in their history books.

For me, as a high school student, it was a moment to watch on (black and white, of course) television, either live or on the news (I do not remember which). No one who saw that moment will ever be able to forget Welch's words to the Senator who had browbeaten, bullied and humiliated so many people:

"You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?"

As every student of American history knows, that was the end of McCarthy's career - now known as the "McCarthy Moment". America had put up with McCarthy's assaults and intimidation against political figures, government officials, Hollywood directors and other Americans in all walks of life, but when he attacked the US Army itself, America had had enough - McCarthy was finished.

In the same way, beginning 61 years later, in June, 2015 when Donald Trump began his campaign for the presidency of by accusing Mexican immigrants in general of being "criminals", "rapists" and drug dealers; and soon after called for banning every Muslim in the world from entering the United States, down until today, when he is holding almost 800,000 mainly Mexican and other Hispanic young Dreamers hostage to his agenda of reversing a half century of non-white legal family immigration (which he calls by the racial code words "chain migration") under the very obvious - if not directly expressed - threat of deportation, America has put up with Trump's assault against basic decency toward non-white immigrants.

This includes his mass deportation-related arrests and incarceration of mainly non-white non-criminal immigrants - his Muslim bans, his "Hire American" executive order based on the false assumption that primarily Asian skilled workers take away jobs from American workers; his Wall which no one else in America thinks is necessary for this country's safety and security, but which would stand as a symbol of hatred and humiliation against Hispanic and by extension other non-white immigrants; his slashing refugee admissions to the lowest point in decades; and, most recently, his attempt to destroy the legal foundations on which tens of millions of productive, law abiding, mainly Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic and African legal immigrants have come to America in the past few decades, by eliminating most family-based immigration and abolishing the diversity visa lottery entirely.

Family immigration, according to these studies, has been a major component of this increase since 1965; and it is a major, though not the only, reason why nine out of ten immigrants to the US today are from outside Europe (with Asia now being the largest component) and why whites are projected to become a minority in America within the next few decades.

For one of many demographic studies showing how our current immigration system, which Trump and his supporters are so anxious to change, is making America less white, see one dated February 8, only about a week ago as of this writing, by

And for another recent, comprehensive analysis of the white supremacist goals underlying Trump's overall immigration policies, see,

The scary ideology behind Trump's immigration instincts

Trump has attacked family immigration and the diversity in the most insulting and disparaging way to the millions of legal immigrants who have used these visas - by openly calling extended family immigration "'horrible" in a December 29, 2017 tweet - despite the fact that his own mother and grandfather came to America the same way, and that his own wife has now invited her foreign born parents to join her in the US (for how long, or with what kind of visas we don't yet know).

He has also, without the slightest justification, accused family immigration and the diversity lottery - most of whose beneficiaries are from outside Europe - of being dangerous to American security, including spreading a totally fictitious story about a (real) radicalized New York City terror attacker who had allegedly sponsored 23 relatives through "chain migration". Not a single one of those imaginary relatives has ever been identified.

Anyone who knows the history of that era can only be reminded of the "list" that McCarthy claimed to have at the beginning of his notorious career in 1950 with the names of some 200 imaginary "Communists" in the State Department - none of whom were ever identified either.

As I have mentioned above, up to now, Congress, most of the media and the American public have put up with these attacks on non-white immigrants - so far. But now comes the following scenario, which could be starting to play out as we speak:

According to this scenario, because of Trump's refusal to budge on his demand for eliminating most family immigration (except for the "nuclear family") and the visa lottery, Congress is unable to pass a bill that would protect DACA recipients - whose benefits Trump himself cancelled - from deportation. For details on how Trump has so far torpedoed Congressional efforts to pass a reasonable compromise immigration bill see:

Next, after this White House induced Congressional failure to protect the Dreamers, Trump, who while never expressly saying he will deport the Dreamers, has again and again laid down a certain deadline - March 5 - which he imposed himself - as their "last chance", then starts to deport the Dreamers - not en masse, but a few at a time as a warning of what will happen to the rest if Congress doesn't change its mind and bend its knee to his imperial demands to eliminate the above pillars of non-white legal immigration over the past few decades.

While carrying out the deportations, which one can safely assume will be carried out with as much cruelty and family breakup as possible, complete with Dreamers being torn away from their weeping or even seriously ill American spouses or children (based on current deportation policies which Trump's ICE director has said he "enjoys" so much), in the height of cynicism, Trump protests that the Democrats have "forced" him to this result because of their unwillingness to accept his demands to eviscerate family immigration and the abolish the diversity lottery.

It is at this point that Trump's presidency could start to unravel.

There is a great deal of support and sympathy for the Dreamers in America - even among some of Trump's own supporters. Trump has himself, on occasions, even expressed his "Love" for the Dreamers.

If Trump starts to deport the Dreamers out of anger or retaliation because of Congress's refusal to go along with his demand to destroy the heart of America's non-discriminatory, race-neutral, color-blind immigration system during the past half century, could that be the beginning of the end of his presidency? Will the American people turn against him and say they that they have finally had enough, just as they did with Senator Joseph McCarthy?

If he follows through on his implied threats to start deporting the Dreamers, merely because Congress refuses or is unable to enact the draconian cuts in mainly Asian, African, Middle Eastern and Latin American legal immigration that he is demanding, Donald Trump might, just conceivably, have his McCarthy Moment.

Could there be a time when, not only almost 800,000 million Dreamers and their American citizen family members; and millions of other Americans who are no longer able to sponsor their foreign-born parents, adult children or siblings because of Trump's obsession with keeping legal immigrants from coming to the United States unless they are from "countries like Norway"; but the American people as a whole, will say, paraphrasing Joseph Welch's famous words:

You have done enough. Have you no sense of humanity, Mr. President?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law