Update: February 14, 12:01 pm

The Washington Post reports on February 14 that Trump has reiterated his refusal to accept any Congressional solution to DACA that does not include his demand for huge cuts in non-white legal immigration. See:

Trump backs GOP immigration plan, rejects limited approach on dreamers

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On Trump's latest inflexible statement as opposed to Congressional bipartisan efforts to reach a reasonable compromise which would not destroy a major part of America's current legal immigration system, see also:


My earlier comment follows:

In a statement more typical of a dictatorship than a democracy, The Hill reports that a Trump administration official has threatened that Trump will veto any Congressional bill granting relief to DACA recipients unless the bill includes Trump's demand to abolish the diversity visa lottery and eliminate all family immigration outside the immediate nuclear family - actions which would have a major impact on legal immigration from non-white parts of the world.


This announcement, along with a companion statement by Trump's Senate ally and co-author of the RAISE Act which would also accomplish the same goals, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark), that Trump's proposal is a final offer, not a negotiating point, makes a mockery of the legislative process. It means that no matter what results come from the debate and immigration discussion that is expected to take place in Congress shortly, Trump is ready to start deporting Dreamers if his demands for drastic cuts in legal immigration from all parts of the world outside of Europe are not agreed to.

To be sure, Europe would also be negatively affected by Trump's immigration Framework and the RAISE Act (and a similar though not identical House bill sponsored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte - R. VA) but European legal immigration would be reduced to a lesser extent percentage-wise than immigration from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Immigration from black and Hispanic parts of the world would be reduced by almost twice as much as immigration from Europe on terms of percentages under these proposals according to recent studies.


See also:

Center for American Progress:

The White House's Immigration Framework Would Eviscerate Immigration from Latin America, Africa and Asia

(February 12 - sorry, I do not have a reliable link; please go to Google)

Meanwhile, the president continues his demagogic attacks on family immigration and the diversity visa as alleged "security threats" without a shred of evidence to support this attempt to demonize millions of mainly non-European immigrants who have come to the US legally and contributed to our economy over the past few decades though the current immigration system.

And these attempts to stigmatize millions of mainly non-white legal immigrants as somehow being dangerous to the United States are not confined to the hostile late-night or early morning tweets which some of Trump's defenders are attempting to downplay or explain away as not being official policy statements.

They are also appearing in official statements of administration immigration policy on the White House website. See:


What does this latest White House Diktakt on DACA, "chain migration" and the visa lottery mean?

It means that Trump is so anxious to cut off immigration from non-European parts of the world that he is willing to reject the will of the American people, as expressed through their elected representatives in Congress, unless Congress accepts his white supremacist immigration agenda.

This agenda includes, not only gutting the family immigration system which has been at the heart of American immigration for the past 50 years, but also reducing refugee admissions to the lowest levels in many decades at a time of heightened need, persisting with his Muslim ban orders which so many federal courts have rejected or limited, and attacking H-1B and other skilled immigration visas through his "Hire American" executive order.

The only possible conclusion is that Donald Trump wants no more, or as few as possible, legal immigrants to come to the United States in the future unless they are from "Countries like Norway."

This give a whole new meaning to the term "White House". And to make a bad pun, it would not be inaccurate to say that Trump is dividing the entire world into two different classes for immigration purposes.

The first group is made up of countries like Norway, from which, in Trump's view, immigrants are acceptable. The other group is made up of countries whose citizens Trump is in No Way willing to admit to the US.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law