One of the favorite spins being put out by some of Trump's DACA policy defenders is that even if DACA expires without a legislative solution (and the current 9th Circuit injunction against cancelling DACA is lifted) the affected DREAMERS would have little to worry about anyway.

Since the Trump administration has indicated that DREAMERS would not be a priority for deportation, the argument runs, the odds that any given DACA recipient would be deported after current protections expire are not all that great.

Even Donald Trump can't deport everybody, according to this theory. Besides, there are long court backlogs, uncooperative "Sanctuary City" officials (whom AG Jeff Sessions and ICE Director Tom Homan have indicated they would like to see arrested for "harboring illegal aliens" - though this step toward a fascist America hasn't happened yet); and total deportation numbers (though not arrests of unauthorized immigrants) are reportedly down from the levels that were reached under President Obama.

So, according to this argument, the best advice for DREAMERS who very likely stand to lose their protections sometime after March 5, unless the Democrats suddenly decide to accept Trump's ultimatum that immigrants from what were once known as "Nordic" countries back in 1924 (when America adopted an immigration law heavily favoring what Trump now calls "countries like Norway"), should be preferred over immigrants from what Trump now refers to as "shithole" countries whose citizens have a darker skin color, would be the equivalent of:

"What me worry?"

However, according to the latest statement from ICE Director Homan, maybe the DREAMERS should not be quite as sure of being relatively "safe" from being arrested and deported as some of Trump's defenders might like them to think. Here are Homan's words, as reported in The Hill:

"People ask me all the time, 'So why'd you arrest the guy whose been here 15 years and has two kids?' Because he had his due process, he got his order from the judge to leave the country. He's gotta leave."

DREAMERS and their supporters should thank Director Homan and his boss, Donald Trump, for such a "compassionate, sensitive and sympathetic understanding" of their plight - while they are being arrested and locked up or being put on buses or planes to be sent "home" to countries they were born in but have no recollection of or other connection with. also reports that Homan is said to be "enjoying" his work in tearing immigrant families apart and is bragging about how many immigrants ICE has deported since Trump took office.

One can be sure that DREAMERS will be just as happy as everyone else to know that there is at least one agency of the federal government where job satisfaction appears to be high in the Donald Trump era - as the ICE director "joyfully" proceeds to carry out the president's agenda for the ethnic cleansing of America by arresting and removing as many Latino, black and Asian immigrants as logistics and the law will allow.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law