Update, February 1, 2:21 pm:

Fortunately, not all Republicans appear to be willing to support the president's agenda of using almost 2 million young people who were brought to this country illegally through no fault of their own as hostages in his push to destroy the foundations of the immigration system that America has had for the past 50 years of accepting qualified immigrants from all over the world. The Hill reports on February 1 that at least some Congressional Republicans, along with the Democrats, would prefer to see a narrower compromise which would include protections for DACA recipients together with a border security package.

This arrangement would leave issues involving changes in legal immigration open for separate discussion without holding the DREAMERS in thrall to the president's larger, white nationalist, immigration agenda. See:


My original comment follows:

On February 1, Trump's offer to grant relief from deportation and eventual citizenship to 1.8 million DREAMERS in exchange for massive cuts in legal immigration which would badly hurt all immigrant groups, including Europeans, but hurt non-white immigrants most of all, turned into a thinly veiled threat to deport the DREAMERS if he does not get his way in gutting "non-nuclear" family immigration and the Diversity Visa lottery.

In Trump's words, at the beginning of his latest early morning tweet:

"March 5th is rapidly approaching and the Democrats are doing nothing about DACA..."

The obvious meaning is that 1.8 million DREAMERS will be in danger of being targeted for deportation in retaliation if Trump doesn't get his way on making major reductions in non-white immigration, with some less drastic cuts in white immigration as well, according to figures provided by the Washington based Center for Global Development:


For more on Trump's threat, see:


In view of the hostile language that Trump has been consistently using against all immigrants, including the many millions of immigrants from every part of the world who are in the United States in full compliance with America's laws and are contributing to our economy and our society; and given the wildly false statements, bordering on pure fantasy, that he has made recently about immigrants, most of them non-white, who have used both family visas and green card lottery visas, Trump's ominous references to March 5, 2018 the date that his own self-imposed DACA deadline expires, should be taken very seriously.

Anyone who thinks that 1.8 million DREAMERS would not be in the direct firing line if Trump doesn't get his way on rolling back non-white legal immigration toward 1924 levels, i.e. almost none at all, has not been reading the news very much during the past one year.

For my further comments on this issue, see:


In view of the frantic efforts that Trump is making to hold the lives and the futures of almost 2 million DREAMERS and their families hostage to his vision of making America whiter by tearing down two of the main pillars of non-European legal immigration since 1965 (for family immigration) and 1995 (for the visa lottery), one also has to ask: will he stop there?

Or will he move on to the third prong of his three-pronged effort to remake America's racial demographics - gutting the 14th Amendment in order to take birthright US citizenship away from millions of Latino and other mainly non-white Americans? See, CNN:

Birthright citizenship: Can Donald Trump change the Constitution?


This would fulfill another one of his campaign promises - potentially the most dangerous and destructive one of all.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law