I will start by admitting to a personal motivation for writing this comment. I have a daughter who lives in Florida, along with my son-in law and my grandsons. Along with 6 million other Floridians, they were without power in 80-degree heat, and must have spent a very anxious and uncomfortable night before the electricity finally came back on after the devastation wrought throughout that state by Hurricane Irma, which according to most news reports, was the most powerful Atlantic storm on record.

Fortunately, she and her family (including their numerous cats!) are safe, and they were among the lucky Floridians whose home was not damaged in the storm. But was this storm just another Florida Hurricane? Why was it of such ferocious power, covering such a wide area?

Why did it come so soon after Hurricane Harvey which devastated Houston, one of America's largest cities, and other places in Texas? Why are there reports of more dangerous storms in the Atlantic, as well as unprecedented droughts and uncontrollable wildfires in other parts of the United States, not to mention extreme weather in Asia and other parts of the world?

As evidently every reputable scientist is shouting as loudly as possible to anyone who is willing to listen, the answer is in two simple words: Global Warming (euphemistically known as Climate Change). For just one of the latest news reports on this connection which are too numerous to mention, see:


But what is the president of the United States doing about this severe, incalculably dangerous threat to the lives and safety of millions of Americans, whose welfare he claims to be putting first every time he issues a "Buy American, Hire American" or some other executive order aimed at cutting off Asian, African, Middle Eastern or Latin American immigration?

In terms of property damage and disruption of daily life, global warming has, very arguably, already caused more damage from these two storms than dozens of terrorist attacks could conceivably have done.

The answer is that, aside from expunging any mention of climate change and links to scientific information about it from government websites, Donald Trump is doing nothing about this threat - not only to America but to the entire planet.

Instead, his focus is now on cancelling DACA, (and possibly, according to a recent CNN news report, even TPS) and, most recently, asking the Supreme Court to ban more Muslim refugees (after apparently having given up on trying to stop more Muslim grandparents from entering the United States - with all this policy's awful associations with the Nazis' obsession over Jewish grandparents in the infamous Nuremberg laws ). See:


Which is more important to you, Mr. President, protecting the American people from even more devastating global-warming related storms of which Hurricanes Harvey and Irma may be only a foretaste, or pursuing the Alt-Right agenda of making America whiter by banning as many Muslim and other non-European immigrants as the federal courts (and Congress, if it ever passes the RAISE Act) will permit, letting loose a Hurricane of Hate and a Flood of Fear against minority communities by stepping up attempts to arrest and deport millions of mainly Latino and Asian immigrants who are already in this country, and threatening to shut down the federal government if Congress does not provide funding for a Wall of shame and humiliation along our Southern border?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law