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This is an immigration, not a meteorological blog, but with Hurricane Irma now threatening the lives and safety of millions of people in Florida and neighboring states, coming on the heels of the devastating Hurricane Harvey that wreaked havoc in Texas, it is no longer possible to avoid drawing a comparison between the callous disregard of the welfare of both Americans and immigrants affected by these dangerous storms in his inexcusable policy of climate change denial, and the ongoing hurricane of hostility toward Latino, Muslim and other non-white, non-European immigrants that Donald Trump has unleashed both as a candidate and since taking office as president.

Trump's denial of the reality of demographic change in America away from the white dominated nation envisioned by his alt-right supporters, and toward a diverse, multi-ethnic, multicultural (and yes, multilingual) society is, if anything, even more destructive to the lives of millions of minority immigrants and US citizens alike than his climate change denial policies.

Indeed, Trump's presidency so far could almost be said to have been run mainly for the benefit of two powerful interests - the energy companies and other big polluters on the one hand, and the white supremacist immigration opponents on the other.

To put it simply, both Trump's climate and immigration policies are founded on lies. With regard to climate, one does not have to be an expert (and I am certainly not) to understand that, while the details are not yet fully understood, it is scientifically impossible to deny the connection between global warming and the increasingly huge, deadly storms which are now becoming the new normal.

Trump's policy of climate change denial is, to put it purely and simply a lie - and a dangerous one which could not only devastate a major American city such as Houston, or, possibly an entire US state such as Florida, but put the future of humanity at risk.

Since, as mentioned above, this is not a meteorological blog, I will merely refer to the following September 10 (GMT) article in The Guardian by a climate change expert, Bob Ward, and let readers draw their own conclusions:

See also: Los Angeles Times, September 10,

Climate change deniers play politics with looming natural disasters

In contrast, Trump's immigration policy, which can also, not unfairly, be described as a looming disaster for Latin American, Muslim, Asian and all other non-European immigrants is, at least on the surface, based on multiple lies: non-white immigrants are criminals or gang members; they are terrorists; if gainfully employed they are stealing jobs from Americans, but if not working they are draining our economy by asking for handouts; they cannot or will not assimilate to American "culture" or respect American values; they are prone to fraud, etc., etc., the list goes on and on, as it has for more than 150 years, ever since the time of the anti-Irish Know-Nothings in the mid-19th Century.

But essentially, all of these anti-immigrant lies are based on one lie, the most dangerous and destructive of all - namely that only immigrants from a certain part of the world, Europe, or with a certain skin color, white, belong in America; and that all others are dangerous, threatening, and must be kept out or or kicked out.

Indeed, Trump's speeches as a candidate and actions as president could be looked as an ongoing series of hurricanes unleashed against immigrants from outside Europe.

We can even give them names: Hurricane Muslim Ban; Hurricane Mass Deportation; Hurricane Expedited Removal; Hurricane Hire American, Hurricane Extreme Vetting, Hurricane H-1B RFE's (which I will be writing about separately in an upcoming post, having been directly on the receiving end of those particular winds), and, most recently, Hurricane DACA Termination, which is blowing away the hopes of almost 800.000 young people who were brought to the US as children through no choice of their own, and many of whom are contributing to America's society and economy as students or skilled workers, not burdening or threatening this country in any way.

This is not to mention two other slowly developing Hurricanes which have not yet hit in full force - Hurricane Border Wall and, potentially the most powerful and destructive of all, Hurricane RAISE Act, as well as arguably less powerful but still dangerous disturbances as Tropical Storm Employment-Based Adjustment of Status Interviews, and Tropical Storm Lengthy and Incomprehensible Immigration Application Forms.

For only two of many stories about the "Hurricane of Hate" and "Flood of Fear" that have been unleashed against Latino and other non-white immigrants from the time that Trump took office as president up until now, see:


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Attorney at Law