Few US politicians have been more consistently anti-immigrant than Trump's embattled Attorney General and former Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions. This is why anti-immigrant conservatives are anguished at the thought that Trump might force Sessions to resign.

One commentator, David Leach, writing in the right wing publication redstate.com blames the pressure coming from Trump against Sessions on alleged objection to Sessions' immigration policies by Trump's "liberal" daughter and son in law, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner:

"Could it be that Jared and Ivanka are now driving Trump's immigration agenda? If so, wouldn't it make sense that they would want Sessions gone due to his tough approach to illegal immigration? And if that is true, wouldn't it explain Trump's aggressive attacks against his Attorney General?"


While the above may easily be dismissed as pure conspiracy theory, the leaders of well established immigration restrictionist organizations, such as the famously misnamed Center for Immigration Studies, which is at least much committed to lobbying against immigrants as it is to doing research, as well as Numbers USA, are also agonizing over the possibility that firing Sessions or pressuring to resign might indicate that Trump is going "soft" on immigration.

Rosemary Jencks, a spokesperson for this latter organization is quoted as follows in another right wing anti-immigrant publication, signal.com

"Attorney General Sessions has proven beyond any doubt his commitment to enforcing the law, and particularly the immigration laws that have been neglected for decades to the detriment of American workers."


Supporters of AG Sessions, who has a long record of hostility to immigration as a Senator, including support for the same "Nordics"- only 1924 immigration law that Adolf Hitler also praised some 90 years earlier in Mein Kampf (see Sessions' January, 2015 immigration "Handbook" for Congressional Republicans), and who has lost no time putting a mass deportation agenda into effect against Latino and other mainly non-white immigrants in what Sessions himself as called the "Trump Era", need not worry that Donald Trump has suddenly turned into a strong defender of immigrant rights without regard to any particular immigrant's race, color or creed.

If Trump's views on immigration were so flexible, malleable, or free from what the 4th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, in an overwhelming 10-3 en banc decision determined as a matter of fact to be Trump's "animus" against at least one class of minority immigrants (Muslims), he would never have appointed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General in the first place.

Anyone who thinks that firing Jeff Sessions as AG would bring about the slightest moderation of Trump's attempts to stoke hatred of non-white immigrants in a manner with at least some faint resemblances to a certain German dictator's tirades against the Jews in the 1930's should read the following New York Daily News summary of Trump's horrifying July 25 speech at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio:


"Tuesday night, Trump gave what may very well be the most vicious, despicable, anti-immigrant speech he has delivered since he first announced his campaign for the presidency. Speaking before a raucous crowd in Youngstown, Ohio, Trump referred to immigrants as "animals" who "slice and dice" beautiful young American girls with knives because they want them to die slowly. Trump then openly proclaimed that he wants his ICE agents to be 'rough' with immigrants moving forward, saying 'we're not doing it in a politically correct fashion, we're doing it rough'."

Was Trump's praise of the use of violence by ICE against immigrants intentionally meant to remind his listeners of another violent armed group, known as the S.A. which helped its leader gain and keep power in Germany during the 1930's?

See Bob Dreyfuss writing in The Nation on March 14, 2016:

Trump's Storm Troopers and the Possibility of American Fascism

(Sorry, I don't have a direct link - please go to Google):

As the above article also makes clear, Trump does not have an SA, and there is no indication that he has taken any steps to build one or has any intention of doing so.

But Trump does have ICE, and he spoke during the campaign of building a "deportation task force". By glorifying the use of force by ICE, is his goal anything other than to instill the same fear of state violence in America's immigrant communities that the German dictator instilled in all of the people in his country though his paramilitary S.A.?

There are few signs, if any, that Sessions' departure from the Trump administration would give America's Hispanic and other non-white immigrants any reason to feel safer or less under suspicion and attack, including the use of officially sanctioned violence against them, than they do right now in the "Trump Era".

Arguably, however, because of Sessions' own record during the past six months as Trump's immigration hatchet man, putting Trump's mass deportation agenda into reality,


attacking sanctuary cities


and devising deceptive and meretricious arguments in federal court to try to hide the true purpose of Trump's Muslim ban orders


immigrants might have something to gain if Trump's uncontrolled rage (oulomenen, to use the Greek word for Homer's immortal description of the anger of Achilles in the opening lines of the Iliad) against Sessions for respecting the rule of law by recusing himself from the investigation against Trump's alleged improper Russia connections makes Sessions' position so unbearable that Sessions has no choice but to resign, or if Trump simply fires him. See CNN.com, July 25:

Trump's strategy - troll Sessions to get to Mueller (Opinion)


But there is a principle that is even more important to the American people, and to immigrants as well, than whether Sessions, or some other Trump appointee as Attorney General, is tasked with carrying out the details of Trump's attempt to take America back to the white supremacist immigration system of 1924, which remained in effect for four decades until 1965.

This is the principle of the independence of the Justice Department, and ultimately the rule of law itself in America. As POLITICO Magazine writes on July 27:

"In that event [if Sessions is forced out] Democrats [and, one might also mention, immigrants] surely won't cry for Sessions, whom they generally regard as a throwback to a not-so-distant apartheid past. But many liberals do feel bound to protect norms and institutions that seem everywhere under threat in the age of Trump..."


One of those "norms and institutions" is something known as democracy, which is now under threat as never before in America in the "Donald Trump Era".

If Jeff Sessions, who, no matter how anti-immigrant he may be, has so far maintained his independence from Trump by refusing to let himself be used as a tool to protect Trump from investigation into the president's alleged illegal Russian political or business connections by a duly appointed independent counsel, is forced out and replaced by a new Attorney General more willing to do Trump's bidding by throttling any investigations by an independent counsel into alleged misconduct or abuse of power by the president, America will be one more giant step on the road to renouncing democracy in favor of one-man dictatorship.

There is no possible scenario in which immigrants, any more than American citizens, could benefit from this dreaded, but very possible, transition.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law