Update, July 21. 7:29 pm:

In my original version of this comment, I inadvertently included a link to a vox.com article which inaccurately accused the president of taking advantage of a 15,000 annual increase in H-2B visas which he himself had put into effect using his own power as president.

Joseph Whalen has kindly pointed out, and I thank him for bringing this to my attention, that the 70 H-2B visas that Trump's company, Mar-a-Lago is requesting are for fiscal year 2018, beginning October 1, 2017, and that therefore these visas would have been available even if the president had not ordered a 15,000 annual increase in the number of visas.

I did not mean to imply at any time that Trump, or any of his companies, were benefiting from the annual increase in H-2B visas which he has ordered. I only intended to imply that Trump is benefiting from a foreign worker visa program in general, in direct conflict with his promise to promote hiring of American workers first and foremost.

I have now deleted the link to the incorrect vox.com article, and instead I have substituted a link to an article in The Hill about Trump's use of the H-2B program, without any implication that he or his company benefited from the visa increase, as opposed to the H-2B program as a whole.

My revised original comment follows:

There is a least one American employer who is behaving as if he couldn't care less about Donald Trump's "Hire American" policy as announced in his inaugural address and in his "Buy American, Hire American" executive order. This employer is not only openly thumbing his nose at the president's "Hire American" policy, but he has actually picked Trump's "Made in America" week to announce that he is hiring 70 foreign workers under the H-2B visa program to work at a resort and golf club in Florida.

According to US Department of Labor H-1B filings as reported in the media, this US employer is planning to hire foreign housekeepers, cooks and servers for a resort located in Palm Beach, Florida.


One would think that the president would be outraged at this open and blatant attempt to sabotage his program of protecting American workers against competition from unskilled (and highly skilled, as witnessed by his statements regarding H-1B visas) foreign workers. However, since the news only broke a few hours ago as of this writing, maybe the president just hasn't had time to act against this open rebellion by an American employer against Trump's promise to put American workers first, which almost all observers agree played a large part in helping him win the presidency.

So, while there has been no reaction so far, one cannot rule out a possible tweetstorm by the president later on against this American employer who so openly mocks the president by refusing to bend to his will on immigration policy.

Just in case any reader is curious about exactly who would dare to engage in open defiance of our chief executive's pro-American worker policy, which he put at the center of his campaign and has continued to promote since becoming president, the above report also names the American employer who has shown so little respect for our nation's highest elected official.

This employer's name happens to be Donald J. Trump, and the companies which will be employing the foreign workers are the Mar-a-Lago club and the Trump National Golf Club.

Readers should stay tuned to see if the president or his administration takes any actions against this openly recalcitrant U.S. employer who evidently cares so little about the president's expressed desire to put American workers first.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law