In one more story about how Latino and other minority US citizens are being put in greater danger of ICE detention and fear of deportation in the Donald Trump era, the Los Angeles Times reports on May 24 that a US born Latino woman from San Bernardino, CA Guadalupe Plascencia, was detained and held for an entire day in ICE custody after being released from a local detention center, where she had been held on a bench warrant for allegedly failing to appear in court as a witness many years before.

The newspaper reports as follows:

"But as she tried to leave the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga, Plascencia said she was met by immigration enforcement agents, handcuffed and placed in the back of a van. Plascencia would spend the rest of the day in ICE custody, fearful that she would be deported despite becoming an American citizen some 20 years ago, following an amnesty program initiated by Ronald Reagan.

'I felt helpless, like I was no one', she said in a recent interview. 'Here they talk about that moment, I realized, we don't have rights.'".

According to the news story, Plascencia repeatedly insisted to ICE officers that she was a US citizen and showed them her California driver's licence, without avail.

Finally, she was released after her daughter showed ICE her mother's passport, and she is now preparing a lawsuit against ICE. She also told the LA Times that she was verbally abused by ICE agents during her detention and told that she was "no one" until her status was cleared up.

The full story is at:

There have been many press reports about how happy some ICE officers are that they are now "unchained" from previous Obama-era restrictions on whom they could arrest or detain, and that they are now free to "do their job".

In Donald Trump's America, does "doing their job" also include detaining or arresting US citizens who may "look" as if they belong to a Latino or other non-white minority?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law