If history tells us anything at all, it is that dictators don't like independent courts and will do anything they can to crush them.

See: Peter H. Solomon Jr.

Courts and Judges in Authoritarian Regimes

60 World Politics Number 1, p. 122 (2007)

Available through Project Muse, University of California at Berkeley

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Donald Trump, evidently outraged by the California Federal District Court (not Circuit Court) decision against him regarding his broad January 27 executive order cutting off all federal funds to sanctuary cities (not just funds related to immigration law enforcement - see my Immigration Daily comment for April 26) is now threatening to break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in retaliation.

Nothing could be more in the spirit of the above article.


For the story about Trump's threat to break up the 9th Circuit Court, see:


Meanwhile, contradicting the argument of his own Justice Department before the Federal District Court in San Francisco to the effect that Trump's January 27 Executive Order cutting off all funds for Sanctuary Cities was so narrow in scope that it in effect made no change in existing law, A.G. Jeff Sessions also weighed in against the Court's decision and continued his dark warnings that no one who has entered the US without permission will be safe from Trump's deportation dragnet.


As Solomon's article shows in full detail, democracy cannot exist without independent courts, free to decide cases without interference from those in power.

Is America's democracy on a collision course with the president's immigration agenda of mass exclusion, mass expulsion and, perhaps coming soon, judging from Sessions' repeated threats to step up immigration-related prosecutions, mass incarceration (including American citizens)?

See: New York Immigration Coalition, April 13,

Sessions Memo Threatens U.S. Citizens With Criminal Prosecution

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