The following comment about the 9th Circuit's rejection of Trump's attempt to "rig" America's visa entry system (to use Trump's favorite word when he doesn't like an election result) against refugees, and against Muslim immigrants from all over the world (not just the seven listed Muslim countries) includes a few minor changes as of February 27 at 7:54 am

In a resounding declaration that the president of the United States is not a king or emperor with absolute power to determine which foreign citizens can enter the United States, or to discriminate against nearly 200 million Muslims from seven different countries by using a Trumped-up of national security, a unanimous 3-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit refused to lift a temporary restraining order of the district court barring implementation of Donald Trump's January 27 executive order banning citizens of the affected countries and refugees from every country in the world from coming to the United States.

For a link to the full text of the decision, see the following POLITICO story:

The 9th Circuit's order was not only a ringing declaration of judicial independence from a president who has sought to undermine the only branch of government that is not compliantly bending to his will, but it is a reaffirmation of the values of democracy and equality of all people on which America was founded.

The decision also, at least temporarily, blocks the dangerous march toward one-man dictatorship that has typified the Trump presidency in the three short weeks that he has been in the White House. By making clear that there are limits to the power of the president to bar immigrants from entry to the United States under INA Section 212(f), and by calling a halt to his attempt to single out all immigrants from designated Muslim countries as "dangerous" for America's "national security" without showing any rational basis for such a broad finding, the 9th Circuit has also taken a major step toward protecting the religious freedom and other Constitutional rights of Muslim US citizens and other Muslims who are in the US with legal status, as well as Americans and legal immigrants of all faiths and backgrounds, against the threat of persecution and discrimination by the Trump administration because of their religious or political beliefs.

Protecting the free speech and other Constitutional rights of pro-immigration US citizens will very likely also become a very big issue now that Jeff Sessions has now been confirmed as Attorney General, with power to use the massive weapons of the federal criminal laws, notably INA Section 274, against American citizens who support immigrant rights.

I will discuss INA Section 274, a very broad statute which, among other things, makes it a federal felony to "assist" anyone who is trying to remain in the United States illegally, in more detail in an upcoming comment.
Roger Algase is a New York immigration lawyer and a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He has been representing mainly skilled and professional immigrants from diverse countries of the world in employment-based visa and green card applications for more than 35 years. Roger's email address is