Update: February 10, 2017, 6:48 am

The 9th Circuit US Court of Appeals, in a unanimous ruling by a 3-judge panel, has just dealt a crushing blow to Donald Trump's pretensions of being a king or emperor over immigration, by denying the administration's appeal seeking to vacate a district court order blocking key parts of Trump's January 27 ban on entry by refugees from all over the world and by immigrants and visitors from seven Muslim countries with a combined population of almost 200 million people.

Trump's top immigration advisers, Sessions and Bannon, who longingly yearn for a return to the days of the Northern Europeans only immigration act of 1924, which gave Germany an annual US immigration quota of 50,000 and gave China, India and Japan a total of exactly 100 spots each (!) are going to be greatly disappointed, along with white supremacists such as Jared Taylor and many others on the white nationalist Alt-Right.

Details of the 9th Circuit's order will appear in my next ilw.com comment.

My original comment appears below:

If I were a member or supporter of the anti-immigrant, white nationalist, Alt-Right (which, for the record I am not) I would be thrilled at many of the statements that America's Tweeter-in-Chief has made about immigration since entering the White House. I would be delighted that Trump is using The Art Of The Tweet so "skillfully" and with such "great effect" to "warn" the American people about the "imminent danger" to our "national security" that we allgedly face, for example, by letting an Iranian baby who needs life-saving surgery, or an Iraqi translator who put his life on the line for many years in order to support American soldiers, into the United States.

From an Alt-Right perspective, I would also be heartened by the fact that, unlike any of our presidents since the time of Calvin Coolidge in the 1920's, our new president seems to "understand", along with his top White House adviser, Steve Bannon, and his just confirmed attorney general, Jeff Sessions, how "dangerous" it is to our society and to America's "sovereignty" as a nation to let people into the United States from all over the world, in greater than our "historical" immigration numbers; people who are allegedly not part of our "culture" and our (European, "Judeo-Christian") tradition.

If I were part of the Alt-Right, I would also marvel at the president's "wisdom" and "courage" in calling out "lowly" judges, such as someone on the federal district court in the state of Washington who "dares" to call himself a judge, and his even more "disgraceful" superiors on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals who presume to challenge our president's "wisdom" and "power" to decide who can come into this country and who can't, and who don't seem to understand that America is one nation - with a "united" people - and that we only have one Leader.

As someone else put it so "well" (from the Alt-Right standpoint) some 80 years ago in Germany:

Ein Volk. Ein Reich. Ein Fuehrer.

These judges, and many others like them who are standing in the way of Donald Trump's "superior" knowledge and judgment about what is best for America in immigration matters, certainly "need" to be taught an Alt-Right lesson or two.

Above all, as an Alt-Right supporter (if I were one) I would be ecstatic over Trump's January 27 executive order. Of course, (Alt-Righters would avow), America needs to be "protected" from Muslim "influence", as Trump's order clearly seeks to accomplish.

But Donald Trump's order doesn't stop there. By contemplating uniform screening procedures for all immigrants, from everywhere in the world (Section 3), and by requiring that every immigrant and visitor to the US must show that his or her admission to this country is in the "national interest" (Section 4 of the order) - one of the hardest standards of all to meet in the entire INA, the president is finally "cracking down" on immigration from parts of the world that are "incompatible" with America's "heritage" (as the Alt-Right understands that heritage) and is paving the way toward the "long needed" return to the time when immigrants from Europe were the clear majority in America and when they, or their US-born descendants, dominated every aspect of American society. What could possibly make Trump's Alt-Right supporters happier than that?

So, from the Alt-Right point of view, Congratulations, Mr. President! You have really shown that your heart is in the "right place".

But, Mr. Trump, there is one small problem for Alt-Right fans here - look at what has actually happened in the three weeks that you have been president:

First, the chaos at the airports, the attempts to send home people whom even Alt-Righter's can't pin anything bad on, like the Iranian baby mentioned above, have created a huge groundswell of support among ordinary Americans for - Oh, No! You guessed it - MUSLIMS!

These protests have been taking place throughout this country, as expressed in demonstrations at airports and in at least 20 lawsuits filed in federal courts trying to stop your order.

At least least one of these lawsuits, in the 9th circuit, has been successful, and it might even lead to a Supreme Court decision striking down all of Trump's order's "good deeds".

And now, all these people are now "pouring" into America, something that Trump promised he would stop as soon as he took office. Our president has now created so much popular support for Muslims and antagonism to the Alt Right that it might have been better (for Alt-Righters) if his executive order had never been issued!

Mr. Trump, How Could You!

To borrow one of our new president's own favorite words, his anti-Muslim executive order, as Alt-Righters would no doubt see things, has turned into a total - Disaster!

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law