In the most chilling and frightening warning yet in his less than one week-old presidency, Donald Trump threatened in a tweet on January 25 to put Chicago under federal martial law over a disagreement with its mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

The disagreement appears to be over violent crime statistics rather than over immigration, according to the above report, but it is also no secret that Emanuel has been one of America's foremost advocates of non-cooperation with federal immigration authorities over immigration enforcement, and is a leader in the Sanctuary City movement.

This also places him squarely in opposition to the new president.

If an American president could take, or even talk about taking, the extreme step of putting any city in America under martial law over crime, what is there to stop him from doing the same to Sanctuary Cities over immigration which, after all, is directly under the control of the federal government, much more so than local crime?

And if Trump can do this to one US city, what is there to stop him from doing it to a hundred Sanctuary jurisdictions, or however many there are?

Given that there are an estimated 11 million "illegals" in America, what is there to stop him from using that as an excuse to put the entire nation under martial law?

Day by day, there are more and more warnings coming out of the new administration that taking extreme measures against the rights of immigrants can put the basic freedoms of the American people at risk as well.

We saw this with the spectacle of American journalists being arrested and charged with felonies carrying up to 10 years in prison for reporting on demonstrations against Trump, at the same time that foreign citizens were being denied admission to the US for telling CBP border inspectors that they were anti-Trump instead of pro-Trump.

See my January 23 Immigration Daily post.

Will we see even worse assaults on America's most basic freedoms in the form of martial law being imposed against Sanctuary Cities? If this happens, how will America still be able to call itself a democracy?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law