The Washington Post reports on November 17 that Ruth Gruber, a courageous journalist who, under US government auspices, escorted 1,000 Jewish refugees across Nazi U-boat infested waters to safety in the United States shortly before the end of WW2, has died at the age of 105. See:

Ruth Gruber, who accompanied 1,000 Jews to the shores of the United States during the Holocaust, dies at 105

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The Post

"It was in 1944, a year before the war's end, that President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to grant temporary asylum to a group of 36,000 refugees housed in allied camps in Italy...

As a condition of their entry into the United States, they had to sign contracts promising to return to Europe at the end of the war...

She was a leader of the advocates who, after Roosevelt's death, successfully lobbied President Truman to allow the refugees to stay in the Unites States."

The Post continues:

"Until the end of her life, Dr. Gruber remained convinced that the US could have saved many more.

'I wanted to shake the country by the lapels and say, 'How can we let this go on?'...'How can we let this happen?'"

72 years after Ruth Gruber's epoch-making voyage, one can ask the same questions about America's attitude toward Syrian refugees.

Ruth Gruber successfully overcame the widespread antisemitism which had all but closed America's borders to Jewish refugees before and during WW2 so that at least a few who would otherwise have been rejected could find a permanent home in America. Is another Ruth Gruber now waiting somewhere for the chance to overcome antisemitism's close cousin, Islamophobia, in order to bring more Syrian refugees into the United States in the age of Donald Trump?
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