On September 20, Immigration Daily published an editorial with the simple, and all too accurate title: Liar Trump.

The comment lists fourteen specific lies that Trump has told during his campaign, most of which relate to immigration, and it also made clear that "the list goes on and on".

History shows that all dictators take and hold onto their power by using the Big Lie strategy, based on Adolf Hitler's theory that as long as one repeats a lie often and loudly enough, people will start to believe it.

Are Donald Trump's lies connecting Muslim immigrants, or even immigrants in general, with terror any different?To give just one example, after last weekend's New York bombing attack, which was made by an unknown person at the time, and is known to have been made by a disturbed Muslim US citizen who was already previous known to the FBI and had no known connection with any terrorist group (much like the Orlando killer) Donald Trump claimed:

"There have been Islamic terrorist attacks in Minnesota and New York City and New Jersey. These attacks and many others were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system which fails to properly vet or screen the individuals coming into our country."

(Italics added.)

The truth (as it later turned out), is that the bombing suspect, born in Afghanistan, was brought to the US as a child by his father, who later, in 2014 asked the FBI to investigate his own son for possible terrorist sympathies!

Does this show that the father was not properly screened when he entered the US? And what kind of screening could anyone have done on the child?

But Trump's rush to blame "open" immigration, allegedly led by "ISIS founders and MVP's" Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (another huge Trump lie) is typical of his strategy of blaming all Muslims, and by extension, immigrants in general, for every mass or attempted mass attack in America, is not by any means new.

Richard Cohen, in a September 20 Washington Post article: Trump's Hitlerian disregard for the truth, describes how this happened in Germany.

See (same article but with a slightly different title):


This does not mean to say that Trump is the same as Hitler. As Cohen points out in his article, Trump is not anti-Semitic.

I was among those who defended Trump against what I considered to be an unfair charge of anti-Semitism, based in the resemblance between a sheriff's badge used in one of his campaign ads against Hillary Clinton and a Jewish six-pointed Star of David.

As Cohen also points out, Trump has never suggested invading any other countries. Nor, it is important to add, has Trump ever proposed mass extermination.

Trump is certainly not Hitler. The man with the blond mop of hair is not the same as one with the mustache.

But there is a very close, and uncomfortable, similarity between Trump's repeated false attacks on immigrants, including but not limited to Muslim ones, as agents of terror, and Hitler's attacks on the Jews for "declaring war on Germany" as described in Richard Cohen's article.

As Cohen says:

"There is no lie that cannot be believed. Even after Germany had murdered most of Europe's Jews...many Germans believed...that their country's defeat only 'confirmed the "power of world Jewry."'"

He concludes:

"At the advent of the Hitler era, [Germany] was a democracy, an advanced nation...It had a unique history...so it cannot easily be likened to the contemporary US. But it was not all that different either. In 1933, it chose a sociopathic liar as its leader. If the polls are to be believed, we may do the same."
Roger Algase is a New York immigration lawyer and a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He has been representing mainly skilled and professional immigrants in work visa and green card cases for more than 35 years. Roger's email address is algaselex@gmail.com