Update, July 15, 6:52 am:

Newt Gingrich, who may possibly still be under consideration for VP by Donald Trump as of this writing, has now Trumped Trump in proposing to bring anti-Islamic fascism to the United States.

Trump, as everyone knows, proposed last December to ban all Muslims around the entire world from entering the United States, including American citizens, which would have been in direct violation of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

While Trump has now apparently walked back this proposal by stating that he would limit the ban to citizens of countries with a history of terrorism (i.e. mainly Muslim countries), Gingrich now has gone beyond Trump's original proposal in reaction to the July 14 terrorist attack in Nice, which has killed over 70 people and reportedly injured hundreds of others.

Gingrich wants to test everyone in America of Muslim descent or background to see if that person "supports" Sharia law. All such persons, evidently including American citizens, would be deported.

The fact that expelling American citizens of any ethnicity or religious affiliation from their own country purely because of their beliefs is the essence of fascism, does not seem to be a problem for Newt.

It will be interesting to see whether Trump, when he announces his VP choice later today as expected, selects Mike Pence, who has been critical of Trump's original Muslim ban proposal, or Newt Gingrich, who wants to go beyond it by exiling American citizens from their own country because of their political or religious beliefs.

It looks as if the Muslim students described in my original post below may have been right.



My original post follows:

Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump is only concerned about "cracking down" on illegal immigration and poses no threat to minority legal immigrants or US citizens should think again.

This is according to a July 12 Huffington Post article describing the fears of Muslim students in the Philadelphia area that they will be deported or incarcerated if Trump becomes president solely because of their religion.

The Huffpost story also contains a link to a Southern Poverty Law Center report showing that two thirds of teachers surveyed generally, not just in Philadelphia, reported that their Muslim students were afraid of being sent out of the United States or rounded up and incarcerated under a Trump administration.



One Philadelphia Muslim student voiced her fears that Muslims in the United States would be sent to Japanese internment-style camps;

"They could keep us right here and put us all in the same place and make us suffer. I see that as a lot more plausible than shipping us out into the ocean. Round up all the Muslims, start with where...I don't like to think about that."

Another Muslim student mentioned in the same story said:

"I fear he is going to send us back to Muslim countries outside the U.S."

To be sure, Trump has never expressly advocated rounding up Muslim US citizens or legal immigrants and sending them to internment camps or expelling them from the United States.

But by singling out Muslims in general, inside and outside the U.S. as potential terrorists and dangers to America because of their religion, he has given the 3 million Muslims who are now in the US, one percent of our total population according a Pew Research study also cited in the above article, reason not only to worry about an increase in discrimination and hate crimes, but also grounds for fearing that much worse could be in store for them in a Donald Trump presidency.

Some Americans may wonder why there should be so much fuss about what would happen to "only" one percent of America's population. Why should the great majority of us who are not Muslims worry about what might happen to the comparatively small percentage of America's immigrants and US citizens who belong to that religion?

This is the same kind of thinking that many Germans had about Nazi threats and attacks against the Jews beginning in the 1920's. As long as non-Jewish Germans were not being targeted, most people didn't care what happened to the Jews.

That is, until all of the German people lost their freedom in the 1930's. By then it was too late to speak out or stand up against dictatorship and persecution.

Could it be happening here?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law