June 23, 2016 will go down in history as a day when appeals to the ugliest passions of white majorities led to big victories for nationalism and xenophobia on both sides of the Atlantic. In Britain anti-immigrant feeling led to a narrow vote in favor the "Brexit" movement, which could lead to the breakup of the entire European Union, something that could have severe economic consequences world-wide, according to current reports.

Huffington Post writes:

"The pro-Brexit vote in the U.K. is a cry of defiance by what's left of the Anglo-American white tribal faith, and the decision to leave the European Union should send a shudder through those who think that Donald Trump is a xenophobic, racist nationalist who has no chance to win the U.S. presidency...

Trump is riding the same tide of anti-globalism that propelled the likes of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage in the U.K. against waves of immigrants...against Muslim claims that terrorism has nothing to do with their religion...

Trump. if he is anything substantive, is a scream of defiance by white America...against the new multicultural global country and world."


On the same day as the Brexit vote in Britain, another "scream of defiance" by white Americans against Latino immigrants, namely the US v Texas lawsuit by 26 states seeking to block President Obama's DAPA/Expanded DAPA - see


was upheld in a deadlocked 4-4 US Supreme Court leaving in place a Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals decision affirming a US District Court Injunction by a notoriously anti-immigrant judge, Andrew Hanen, against proceeding with these programs.

By leaving the injunction in place, the Supreme Court's decision does not require the deportation of a single immigrant who would otherwise be protected by these two initiatives, but it does deny work permits or other "affirmative" benefits to such immigrants in what immigration opponents no doubt hope will lead to "self-deportation" among affected immigrants who will now be unable to work or obtain drivers licences.

The above Latin Post (May 17) article quotes Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairwoman Linda Snachez (D-Calif) as follows, speaking about a House Resolution supporting the anti-DAPA/DACA lawsuit:

"What I find is that the Latino community is being used for political purposes...We are being demonized, we are being marginalized and we see a frightening level of hateful rhetoric and vile hate speech aimed at our community..."

The above quote says everything we need to know about the U.S. v. Texas DAPA/Expanded DACA lawsuit.

The danger in the frenzy of xenophobia that emerged in order to carry the day in both Britain and the US is that it will affect not only immigrants, but also the children of immigrants, in an excess of nationalism that could lead to Apartheid-style, o even Nuremberg-style laws, discriminating against native-born citizens of these two countries on the basis of their ancestry. See: Slate,

Donald Trump's next generation bigotry

(Sorry, I do not have a link - please go to www.slate.com)

Slate's William Saletan, writing in the above article, states:

"When Trump went after Judge Gonzalo Curiel three weeks ago, calling him biased and underhanded, because of his 'heritage', many Americans cried foul. It's one thing to campaign against illegal immigration or even legal immigration,they noted. It's quite another to challenge someone born in this country based on his ancestry."

With regard to Trump's (totally unfounded) claim that Hillary Clinton wants to bring in "hundreds of thousands" of refugees from the Middle East without any way to screen them or "prevent their children from radicalizing", Saletan writes:

"Trump wasn't just arguing, as he has in the past, that the refugees couldn't be vetted,. He was claiming that even if they were vetted, they still had to be kept out of the country because their offspring might someday become terrorists."

For any one with any sense of U.S. immigration history, this cannot help but remind one of arguments that were made by the Know-Nothings more than 150 years ago that Irish immigrants should not be let into America because their children would become alcoholics, or even worse, Catholics; that Chinese immigrants should be excluded beginning in the 1880's because their children would never assimilate to American culture; that, over 100 years ago, Jewish and Italian immigrants should be excluded because their children would become thieves or gangsters; and during WW2, that Japanese-Americans should be locked up because they and their children would be disloyal to the US by reason of their ancestry.

Once again, Donald Trump and his white nationalist supporters are showing us that racial hatred and discrimination may begin with attacks on minority immigrants, but they do not end there. Inevitably, just as British citizens may suffer severe economic and other consequences from the anti-immigrant mania that lead to Brexit, American citizens who may have Latino, Muslim or other non-white immigrant ancestry could be on the way to becoming second-class citizens in Donald Trump's America.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law