Update, April 13, 10:20 pm:

The numerous death threats and other intimidating phone calls by Trump supporters against Republican party officials who are simply trying to follow their party's rules for picking delegates in their respective states (see below) are also being accompanied by another form of terror and intimidation - against school children from immigrant communities. Huffington Post reports as follows on April 13:

"Overall, more than two-thirds of the teachers who took the survey reported that their students - mainly Muslims, immigrants and the children of immigrants - were worried about what could happen to them and their families after the November election.

And more than one-third of the teachers said they've noticed a rise in anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment among their students as well.

report identified two troubling trends, more racist and vicious bullying of minorities, and more anxiety among immigrants and minorities about what would happen to them if certain candidates for president are elected.

The survey did not name specific candidates, but teachers named Trump, the Republican front-runner, in more than 1,000 comments - five times more often than they mentioned any of the other candidates."

See: Huffington Post

'The Trump Effect': Hatred , Fear And Bullying On The Rise In Schools

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ABC News reports on April 14 that the Colorado state Republican chairman, Steve House, has received "thousands" of death threats from Trump supporters after Senator Ted Cruz won all of that state's delegates in that state's Republican convention last week.

The IndyStar also reports that an Indiana Republican delegate and chairman of one of that state's Congressional districts was among the Trump critics who received threatening messages. See:


If Donald Trump becomes president, how will America's immigration laws and policies be decided in the future - through the regular legislative and administrative processes mandated by our Constitution, or according to which lawmakers or other officials receive the most death threats from Trump's supporters?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law