In my March 21 Immigration Daily comment, I suggested that, based on the anti-immigrant agenda so some of his radical right-wing supporters such as Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) and columnist Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, if elected and inaugurated as president, might impose a total immigration moratorium on the United States.

It has not taken nearly that long. Only one day after my post, Trump is now calling for America's borders to be sealed completely in response to the latest horrific attack in Brussels by Islamic terrorists. See:

My full comment in reaction to this appears as an update to my March 21 Immigration Daily post. I will only add here that the people who failed to speak up against Trump's proposal to ban all Muslims in the entire world from entering the US are now having a chance to see what lack of opposition to that invidious and profoundly un-American proposal is leading to now.

And those who do not speak out against Trump's proposal for a complete border shutdown now, may one day soon have a chance to see what the next step in this agenda of hatred against minorities can lead to - a loss of rights for American citizens too, if they belong to unpopular ethnic or religious groups, and ultimately, the loss of freedom for all Americans.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law