H-1B Visa seekers or foreign professionals interested in entering the United States on a work visa, may sometimes have difficulties identifying H-1B visa jobs or sponsors. With such a limited number of H1B visas available, it’s imperative to have you visa job and sponsor identified as early as possible in order to commence the application process. As an H-1B seeker, you’re goal should be to identify, select and prepare the documentation for your desired position as soon as possible.
In this post we’ll explore some highly effective ways to find H1B Visa jobs and sponsorship. Note, however, that the information presented in this article is not intended to serve as legal advice and it’s strongly recommended to seek legal consult before moving ahead.
H1B Visa Background
The H-1B process includes two significant factors—the sponsorship on behalf of the U.S. employer and physically petitioning with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). In order to begin the actual process, you as the applicant must have a U.S. employer. Once that’s completed, and you’ve identified that you’re eligible then you must receive a labor certification application and submit the petition to USCIS. The current H1B quota is:
Regular: 65,000
Masters’ Quota: 20,000
Citizens of Singapore and Chile: 6,800
USCIS will begin accepting petitions on April 1st 2016. Read this complete H-1B 2016-2017 Guide to explore more H-1B visa options.
Utilizing LinkedIn to find H-1B Sponsors
Many H1B seekers may not know it but professional networking sites like LinkedIn are great places to identify H1B jobs and sponsorship. Why is this platform so successful? U.S. employers are using these digital channels as the foremost way to hire foreign talent because the interface is user-friendly, it offers recommendations directly on the candidate’s profile and information tends to be accurate. Currently, there are roughly three million companies that utilize their LinkedIn pages to hire foreign talent. What this all implies is that your LinkedIn profile and resume should always be up-to-date and highlight your employable skills.
Connect With H1B Visa Holders
Another way to potentially identify H1B visa jobs is to connect with fellow H1B holders. Often an opportunity may open up within their organization which allows you to apply for a position. These types of refers could significantly increase your chances of acquiring an H1B job.
Keep in Touch With H1B Sponsors
Are you familiar with companies who frequently sponsor H1B jobs? Keep in touch with these organizations so you can be alerted as soon as a position becomes available.
An unofficial list of H1B sponsors from recent years can be found here and here [Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for inaccuracies of unofficial data sources.]
Adopting a proactive approach when seeking an H1B visa can make all the difference. With so many individuals vying for the Regular and Masters quota, you need to search job boards, online listings and make your profile prominent on social networks.

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