Just in case anyone thought that Senator Marco Rubio (FL) is offering a Republican alternative to Donald Trump's Islamophobia, Rubio issued a February 3 statement denouncing President Obama for making a speech at a Baltimore mosque in which the president condemned prejudice against Muslims.

Obama is the second president to visit a mosque in order to speak out against anti-Muslim bigotry. The first was a Republican, George W. Bush, shortly after 9/11.

Rublio had been under attack from the right for supporting immigration legislation which would have allegedly made it easier for people to come to the US from "jihadist" countries.


In his comments, Rubio accused the president of "dividing" and "pitting" people against each other by claiming that there is discrimination against Muslims in America. He then proceeded to admit that there is such discrimination, but that "the bigger issue is radical Islam".

Rubio did not explain how the need to protect against radical Islam justifies discrimination against all Muslims, solely because of their religion, even when there is no evidence of any terrorist connection.

Rubio has evidently gone a long way from his previous support for comprehensive immigration reform in order to assume the mantle of Donald Trump.

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