Update: December 8, 3:23 pm

For a legal argument to the effect that Donald Trump's proposal to bar all Muslim immigrants and visitors from entering the US would not violate the US Constitution (no matter how much it would please the Neo-Nazis) see the Huffington Post article cited immediately below. This argument is based on the proposition that the 19th Century Supreme Court decisions upholding the infamous Chinese exclusion laws have never been overruled and are still valid today. See:


What this says about the foundations of our current immigration laws is a matter which deserves discussion in a future comment.

My original post follows:

Huffington Post reports that Andrew Anglin, publisher of the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer has greeted Donald Trump's proposal to bar all Muslims from coming to the US as immigrants or visitors with the following comment:


Under the headline:

"Glorious Leader Calls For Complete Ban on All Muslims"

Anglin wrote:

"Finally: someone speaks sense...Make America White Again!"

Evidently, as shown by the above, the reaction to Trump's proposal has not been entirely negative, even though no other Republican presidential candidates have supported this radical idea, and three of them, Marco Rubio (FL), Lindsey Graham (SC), and John Kasich (OH) have even been able to find the courage to criticize Trump directly over this issue.

Huffington Post also reports that the Daily Stormer had already previously endorsed Trump for president. One has to wonder whether Trump's proposal to send a special force to round up unauthorized immigrants for deportation might have appealed to the publisher of a site with the name The Stormer (obviously named after the notorious Nazi publication Der Stuermer led by Julius Streicher, who was later executed as a war criminal).

However, Trump has also reportedly said that he is not in favor of rounding up Muslim US citizens and sending them to "relocation" camps, as was done with Japanese-Americans during WW2. Maybe he should not be so sure of The Stormer's continuing support.

The Huffpost story is available at:

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