The Guardian reports on April 22 that that there is at least one Mexican "immigrant" who is delighted to be back home in Mexico with her family after being taken to the US by force and against her will.

In its story: Mistaken identity: girl pulled screaming from Mexican school and sent to Texas, the newspaper relates that in a case of apparent mistaken identity, a 14-year old Mexican girl, Alondra Luna, was dragged screaming and struggling from her school in Mexican city of Guanajuato by (US?) federal agents and taken to the United States based on a judge's order mistakenly identifying her as an allegedly kidnapped daughter of an American woman living in Houston, Dorotea Garcia.

After DNA tests showed that Alondra was not the daughter of Ms. Garcia, who had apparently confused her with another girl also named Alondra, Alondra Luna was repatriated back to Mexico, where she has been happily reunited with her real parents, Mexican citizens Gustavo Luna and Susana Nunez.

The Guardian also questions why DNA tests were not performed on Alondra Luna before she was forced to "immigrate" to the US under such harrowing circumstances. Hopefully, more careful DNA testing will protect other Mexican children from being torn away from their families and dragged off to the US against their will.

I am sure that all ID readers will join me in wishing Alondra well in her native country after her traumatic experience in being forced by legal procedures to come to the United States, a country which she had no connection with and no wish whatever to enter or reside in.

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