In an excess of inhumanity, total incompetence, or both, a US consulate in Hermosillo, in northern Mexico, has twice denied a visa to a young Mexican man who was scheduled to receive a desperately needed life-saving heart and liver transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

The Guardian reports on March 26 as follows:

"US based Consejo de Latinos Unidos, which helps uninsured people receive medical care, stepped in to try to get [20-year old Jose Chua Lopez] to the Mayo Clinic.

The organization's director, Kevin Forbes...said that consular officials processed an application for a tourist visa when they should have told Chua to apply for a humanitarian visa and that they then failed for weeks to respond to queries about his status."

With this utter lack of even minimal humanity or competence on the part of our officials in charge of granting legal visas, even in the most desperate circumstances, is it any surprise that so many Mexicans try to come to the US illegally?

The Guardian also reports that there is no possibility of performing this procedure in Mexico.

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