The Guardian reports that organizers of an anti-immigrant protest intended to shut down 17 border crossing points in four states have cancelled their "event" because of alleged death threats from Mexican drug cartels. See Immigration protest cancelled over 'death threats from Mexican cartels' , September 20.

The Guardian reports that conservative activists had planned to protest against illegal immigration and against President Obama's immigration policies by using vehicles as barricades to shut down the border crossings.

A similar protest was cancelled in August, allegedly for the same reason according The Guardian.

Of course, no drug cartel should ever have the power to stop Americans from exercising their rights to free speech and to peaceful expression of their opinions, even those consisting of anti-immigrant prejudice.

But anti-immigrant activists might do well to remember that it is exactly this same tolerance for differing opinions, ethnicities, cultures and religions that is built into the foundations of our laws and our Constitution which makes America such a magnet for people from all over the world. Without this acceptance of diversity, which is just as fundamental as the right to free speech, America would not be America.

From The Guardian's report, it is also by no means clear that the proposed demonstrations would have been legal in any event, as they would have apparently prevented federal immigration inspection officers from carrying out their duties, including admitting US citizens and other people who may have had the legal right to cross the border into the US.