Update, March 8, 11:57 pm:

Ann Coulter served up more bigotry against brown immigrants in a speech at the right wing Republican Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), according to a March 8 POLITICO report: Coulter slams GOP pols on immigration.

POLITICO quotes Coulter as follows:

"And on top of that, something I think people haven't really noticed - well, certainly they've noticed on MSNBC where they are celebrating the browning of America, but if you don't celebrate it you're a racist - it is going to be people who are not from America who are in theory going to funding older white people who are getting to their Social Security, Medicare age. I don't think that can last."

In other words, Coulter is saying that white people will not be able to rely on their Medicare or Social Security if these programs depend on money being paid into the system by brown people.

I had always thought that money had only one color - green. But its seems that the Republican right wing has the idea that money earned or paid in by brown immigrants is not worth as much as money from white American workers.

No wonder the Tea Party-controlled House GOP leadership is so anxious to deport every last one of the 11 million plus mainly non-white immigrants who are in the US without legal status, and to scare the president away from using his administrative power to grant relief from removal which the courts have consistently upheld.

Question: why is President Obama letting himself be bullied and intimidated by Congressional right wing legislative circus tactics such as the one described below?

The following is my original post:

House Republican leaders are continuing to throw egg in the faces of immigration supporters who have been taking them at their word and believing in their good faith on immigration reform during the past eight months. Three influential GOP Representatives, Trey Gowdy (SC), Darrell Issa (CA) and Bob Goodlatte (VA), who is head of the House Judiciary Committee, are backing a bill known as the ENFORCE Act (H.R. 4138).

The Hill reports that this bill would allow the House or Senate to authorize legal action against the administration's alleged "willful neglect of the law".

What law are they talking about? According to The Hill, one of the main targets of the bill is the president's decision to delay deportation proceedings against noncriminal unauthorized immigrants.

See House targets Obama's law enforcement (March 7)

As I have mentioned previously, Goodlatte in particular is someone whom some starry-eyed immigration supporters were looking to not too long ago as a knight in shining white armor, who would (one day) report a package of "piecemeal" immigration reform bills out of his committee which would add up to real immigration reform.

Does anyone still think that Goodlatte, or any other House Republican leader from John Boehner on down, has any such idea?

Instead, what are we seeing from Sir Bob and his House Republican colleagues (one of whom, Trey Gowdy, was behind the notorious House GOP "SAFE" Act bill which would put Arizona's Sheriff Joe and bigoted Alabama officials back in the business of rounding up and incarcerating anyone who speaks Spanish or "looks" Latino on suspicion of being an "illegal immigrant invader")?

We are seeing nothing but more Republican immigration "enforcement" demagoguery and legislative stunts to pander to white Republican voters who want to kick every single brown immigrant (and their American children) out of the United States and close our borders so that no more will come in, legally or otherwise.

And how much longer will immigration advocates be naive enough to think that the president is serious about "bringing around" the House Republicans and their Tea Party puppet masters by deporting 2 million non-white men, women and children?

Maybe it is time for immigration supporters to throw away their rose-colored glasses and to pay more attention to how 11 million brown immigrants who are American in every way except their lack of legal status are being betrayed, not only by the Republicans, but by a president who continues to insist that he will somehow be able to make a deal with the GOP on reform, if only he deports enough million people first.