Human sacrifice was well known in the ancient world as a method, it was believed, to appease an angry god or to obtain favors from a god. The Jewish Encyclopedia shows an image of an ancient Babylonian cylinder of a child being sacrificed, and also gives an extensive explanation of the ancient Near Eastern custom of sacrificing to the god Moloch (or Molech), which is strongly condemned in Leviticus 7:21 and 20: 2-5 (providing death by stoning as the punishment).

In classical literature, one of the most famous stories of human sacrifice to win the god's favor is that of Iphigenia, daughter of King Agamemnon, who sacrificed her in order to gain a favorable wind for his fleet. The great Roman poet Lucretius (ca. 99 - ca 55 BC) graphically describes this in De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things - Book 1: 95-101):

nam sublata virum manibus tremibundaque ad aras/
deductast. non ut solemni more sacrorum/
perfecto posset claro comitari Hymenaeo/
sed casta inceste nubendi tempore in ipso/
hostia concideret mactatu maesta parentis/
exitus ut classi felix faustusque daretur./
tantum religio potuit suadere malorum.

("for uplifted by the hands of men, all trembling she was brought to the altar, not that amidst solemn and sacred ritual she might be escorted by a loud hymeneal song, but a clean maiden to fall by unclean hands at the very age of wedlock, a victim of her father's hand: all in order that a fair and fortunate release might be given to the fleet. So potent was Superstition in persuading to evil deeds." (Loeb Classical Library translation, Harvard University Press, 1992)

As seen above, the point of human sacrifice was always to propitiate a god or win a god's favor. But this is all ancient history, and a barbaric practice from two or three thousand or more years ago in the ancient Middle East or Mediterranean has nothing at all to do with the battle for immigration reform in 2013 AD.

Or does it? Has not President Barack Obama sacrificed the lives, hopes, dreams and family connections, if not the physical bodies, of well over a million people during the past five years on the altar of deportation in order to appease the god of "enforcing the law" and to try to gain fair winds for comprehensive immigration reform?

And is Obama not continuing to sacrifice over 1,000 immigrants each day on this deportation altar, even as he meets with people who are sacrificing their own physical well being, or possibly even their lives, by fasting at the National Mall in order to stop his deportations?

See Laura Matthews in International Business Times: Immigration Reform 2013: Obamas Meet Fasting Activists, November 29 reform-2013-obamas-meet-fasting-activists-1490062

And what have been the results of Obama's massive deportation sacrifice? Only more obstruction, more calls to deport 11 million unauthorized immigrants (with few, if any, exceptions) from the angry forces of racism and hatred which hold sway in the House of Representatives and are determined to kill reform at all costs.

At least, according to legend, the sacrifice of Iphigenia brought about the intended result. What has President Obama accomplished by deporting over a million people so far?