An update to my October 25 post mentioned a Politico article GOP leaders hit from within describing the anger and frustration of on House Republican, Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada, over the news that the GOP leadership has ruled out voting on reform this year.

Now another House Republican has spoken up. Politico reports that GOP Rep. Jeff Denham (CA) has announced his support for the House Democratic version of CIR, which he called a "good solution". See Jeff Denham open to House immigration bill, October 26.

Meanwhile, the Huffingfton Post reports on October 26 that Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, who voted for CIR and is now facing a Tea Party primary challenge, has spoken out against the Tea Party in a Washington Post interview. See, GOP Senator Breaks Ranks From Tea Party: "I'm In The Take-Charge-Of-The-Government Crowd."

Finally, a few courageous Congressional Republicans are beginning to stand up against the Tea Party's tyranny. We will need more of them if CIR is to come back to life.