In my comment in the May 25 ID,  I quoted a statement from an article by Harry DeMell implying that President Obama did not support CIR or its "amnesty" provisions and explained in detail why I believe that Mr. Demell's statement was inaccurate. I stand by that conclusion.

I then also went on to compare Mr. Demell's statement with other inaccurate statements that have been made about the president by his detractors, such as that the president is a Muslim, etc. Nothing in my comment stated or suggested that Mr. DeMell had actually made any of those other statements. 

However, I did state that anyone who believed Mr. DeMell's statement about the president's views on CIR "must also believe" the other inaccurate statements about him as well. This was an unfortunate choice of words which could have been taken to imply that Mr. DeMell himself shared other, negative views about the president that have nothing to do with CIR or immigration. 

There is no evidence whatsoever that Mr. DeMell shares or supports any false or negative views about President Obama other than the one in his statement about "amnesty" which was the focus of my comment, and it was never my intention to suggest that he does. Therefore, I misspoke and I apologize to Mr. DeMell for having done so.