According to a current article in the Washington Post, Democratic strategists are worried about Newt Gingrich's possible appeal among Latino voters. They should be. According to the same article, Gingrich is learning Spanish, has a monthly Spanish newsletter, and appears on Univision. This is in addition to his standing up for the reality that not all unauthorized immigrants can be deported, and in fact, millions never will be. Everyone in America knows that, including Romney, Bachmann, Perry, et al. 

What is Obama doing, in contrast? Yes, he has Latinos in his staff, and some outreach to Latino communities. But as long as he continues to deport 400,000 men, women and children each year and break up Spanish-speaking American families, he will become increasingly hated by the same voters who are essential to his re-election chances. He is engaging in the greatest possible insult to Latino voters of all - taking them for granted, when not actually throwing them under the bus.

Ironically, Obama's incredible stupidity on immigration and his slap in the face towards America's fastest growing ethnic community may wind up electing one the most autocratic and bigoted presidents in modern history. Gingrich's attempts to exploit prejudice against American Muslims by spreading McCarthy-style fears that they are disloyal, by outrageously misrepresenting the history of great landmarks of interfaith tolerance such as the Spanish city of Cordoba, and by buying into the "Sharia Law" takeover fiction, are in stark contrast to his tolerance toward Latino communities (which just happen to have many more voters than America's Muslim communities).

Gingrich's proposals on relief from deportation, though probably quite a bit more limited than many in the media realize, are welcome. But his open bigotry toward Muslims is a disturbing sign. It may be no accident that Gingrich said that someone needs to be "going to church" to be eligible for relief from deportation. As the world-famous Arabic epic: Alf Laila Wa Laila ("Thousand And One Nights") points out, once a genie is out, it is hard to put it back in the bottle. This certainly applies to Newt Gingrich's genie of anti-Muslim hate.