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Letters to Editor:

Hello ILW Team Members:

I have been a loyal follower if ILW since the 80's. You people are on the ball and you are consistent! I value all your efforts.

I don't moan and groan. Because, our industry defies common sense. So, one has to do their best with a broken down system.

However, today, I am so frustrated with the Dept of Labor Prevailing Wage Unit.

In the 70's one could obtain a PWD in 5 to 7 days.

As of today, I have a PWD Request still in process for a "Pre-School Teacher". I filed it on 08/28/2016. today's date is: 12/09/2016.

I have sent emails to the Dept. All I get back is, an email that states "first in, first served" .

I would love some feed back from anybody? I am sure there are many more practitioners out there going through this "Travesty".

Viv Dalton