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December 27, 2010



1. Comment: Cold Shoulder Hot Air - In an interview with



Rep. Lamar Smith, incoming Chairman of the Judiciary Committee

laid out a non-extreme agenda on immigration, scheduling the

first two committee hearings on E-Verify rather than on the 14th

amendment. To the extent that the article is correct in that Mr.

Smith is restraining Mr. King, incoming Chairman of the

Immigration Subcommittee (within the Judiciary Committee), from

pursuing a perilous course of action in discussing the 14th

amendment, to that extent we commend Mr. Smith for his prudence.

The article goes on to discuss a possible Republican revival of

DREAM, coupled with mandatory E-Verify and possibly elimination

of the Family-based 4th preference in the 112th Congress. We

believe Republicans would certainly be wise to revive DREAM, even

should it be on Republican terms. It would certainly put Mr.

Obama in an untenable position since he is now following a

strictly enforcement-first strategy. The Democratic

administration's strategy is on the one hand to deport a record-

breaking number of immigrants and doing absolutely nothing to

give such immigration benefits as are completely and exclusively

within the Executive Branch power (such as a TPS-like status for

everyone), while on the other hand fobbing off immigrants and

their advocates with empty words. We call this the "cold shoulder

- hot air" strategy. Mr. Smith and his colleagues in the senior

Republican leadership in the House are very smart politicians

with a long history of successfully foisting their immigration

positions onto Democrats - the White House may find them running

circles around the Democrats. We understand that it is the

President's intention to devote a good amount of attention in his

State of the Union address to immigration. Mr. Obama would be

much better advised to use his executive discretion to offer

concrete immigration benefits to the DREAMers instead, he look no

farther than the array of options that Cyrus Mehta and Gary

Endelman lay out for him.


2. Article: The 2010 Nation of Immigrators Awards - The IMMIs by

Angelo Paparelli


3. Article: Republican Presidential Hopefuls Skip Hispanic Forum

by Greg Siskind


4. Article: PERM: Outsourcing by State Workforce Agencies by Joel



5. News: OFLC Updates FAQ On Notice Of Filing For Labor



6. News: Congress Enacts Accreditation of English Language

Training Programs Amendment to the INA (S. 1338)


7. News: USCIS Publishes First Issue Of E-Verify Connection


8. News: USCIS Issues Updated Civics Test Answers


9. Focus: EB5 For Experts

ILW.COM is pleased to present "EB5 For Experts" a 3-part

telephone seminar series with Michael Gibson, Robert C. Divine,

Robert Gaffney and John Patrick Pratt (Other Speakers to be

Announced). The curriculum is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session on December 30: Due Diligence & Care

Guidance in helping clients select an appropriate investment

With an onslaught of EB-5 Regional Center applications filed

recently and the expected number of Centers expected to top 200

in the near future, how can immigration attorneys expect to

counsel their client on which investment to select and what

should they do to protect themselves in the event that the

project fails to achieve the removal of the I-829 or fails to

return the capital invested?

++The role of the immigration attorney and care for client

++Due Diligence lists, how relevant are they?

++What factors should be considered

++Scope of representation

++Liability, disclaimers and waivers

++The role of the immigration attorney as advisor, professional


++The roles of other professionals to assist the investor client

SECOND Phone Session on January 13: Securities law: Avoiding

Litigation and Rescission

With so many EB-5 Regional Centers marketing to a relatively few,

the pressure is on to deliver investor clients and the tactics

and techniques employed by some of the Center's, their agents and

"finders", both in the U.S. and overseas may cause increased

scrutiny by the Securities & Exchange Commission and attorneys

who specialize on malpractice and litigation on behalf of their

investor clients. How can EB-5 practitioners and Regional

Centers who have offerings in the market stay safe and avoid

potential litigation and rescission?

++Reg. D & Reg. S offerings (definition of exemption)

++Solicitation and 502(c) rule

++Internet advertising: Lamp & IPO.net

++Seminars: overseas and domestic, rules and practices

++Compensation and fees: definition of Agents & Finders

++Marketing material v. operating documents

++Project failure and investor litigation

THIRD Phone Session on February 3: Valuation & Risk

What factors improve the chance of success in an EB-5 investment,

the roles of capital, debt and equity, cash flow and what other

factors are critical to making an informed decision in assessing

the strength and weakness of the offering.

++Why proper valuation of risk is important

++Factors used in evaluating risk, research, due diligence

++The importance of capital

++The importance of the timeline in project completion

++Cash flow

++Equity v. Debt

++The role of management, competition & market

++The decision making process

++Comparisons of dis-similar projects

++Risk ratings and standards in risk valuations

Tuesday, December 28 is the deadline to sign up. For more info,

including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration

information, please see: Online:


Fax form: http://www.ilw.com/seminars/201016.pdf.

Don't delay, sign up today.

10. Headline: Panamanian man dies at Florida immigration

facility: 3rd person to die in ICE custody http://ow.ly/3uLTq

11. Headline: Dream Act immigrant supporters awaken to loss, but

vow to press GOP for path to citizenship http://ow.ly/3uLOE

12. Headline: Bigotry against Hispanics finds an open forum: The

Internet http://ow.ly/3uLKe

13. Headline: Police Abuse Claims Lead To Hispanic Exodus In

Connecticut Town http://ow.ly/3uLA2

14. Headline: Florida state senator files immigration bill


15. Headline: Virginia General Assembly to take up tougher

immigration bills http://ow.ly/3uLnO

16. Headline: In Congress, a Harder Line on Illegal Immigrants


17. Headline: Did We Learn Anything In 2010? Reporters discuss

education issues, including dream act http://ow.ly/3uKMN

18. Headline: A lost decade for immigration reform


19. Headline: Keeping a crucial DREAM act alive


20. Headline: Chicken Hatch makes excuses for skipping DREAM Act

vote http://ow.ly/3tSTO

21. Headline: Don't be left out- Get listed! Sign up for ILW.COM

Attorney Yellow Pages at http://ow.ly/3idT8

22. Headline: Obama continues same-old enforcement-first

approach, gives immigrants cold-shoulder n hot-air


23. Headline: Weekly Standard article urges social conservatives

to woo hispanics http://ow.ly/3tOdp whistling into the wind?

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1. Help Wanted: Immigration Professionals

Toronto, ON - Immigration law firm


seeks global immigration specialists (lawyers or paralegals with

global file management experience) for Toronto-based global

practice focused exclusively on corporate clients. The

successful candidate will demonstrate complex problem-solving


attention to detail and superior communication skills. S/he must

be comfortable managing a reasonable caseload in a fast-paced and

collegial team. Fluency in multiple languages an asset. Please

submit your resume via email to mailto:careers@gt-hrlaw.com or by

fax to 416-943-0289.

2. Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney

Washington, DC - Fragomen


is looking for an attorney with 1+ years of experience in

business immigration with an emphasis on the preparation, review

and analysis of nonimmigrant L-1 and H-1B petitions and

applications; knowledge of immigration law and procedure;

excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Qualified

candidates will be highly organized, have a strong work ethic and

have meticulous attention to detail. Associate will work with

large, global, corporate accounts and have a great deal of direct

client contact. Highly competitive salary and benefits. Please

email cover letter, resume, and writing sample (Word or Adobe

formats only), in confidence, to Robert F. McCafferty, Human

Resources/Office Manager, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy,

LLP, at mailto:rmccafferty@fragomen.com. Or fax same to

202-371-2898. EOE.

3. Expert Witness Services

Muslim World Expert Professor Shaul M. Gabbay, Phd, offers expert

testimony in immigration cases from Muslim countries/societies,

including the former USSR. Dr. Gabbay prepared reports and

testified in 250+ Immigration cases nationwide (asylum,

cancellation of removal, asylum interviews, hardship waivers)

with a 93% success rate. Examples of what Immigration lawyers

say: ... "He is a consummate scholar and passionate about his

subject ... He makes a wonderful witness... He is riveting on the

witness stand, helping us win nearly unwinnable cases with

aplomb. He has won the praise of numerous Immigration Judges."

(Svetlana Schreiber, Esq.) ... "He provided the testimony we

needed in numerous asylum cases ... in virtually all of those

cases, but for the expert witness testimony, I doubt the cases

would have been approved, I recommend Professor Gabbay to anyone

with issues involving Islamic society and culture." (Stephen

Berman, Esq.) ... "His testimonies, whether written or oral, are

credible, persuasive, and non-refutable. I have never lost a

single case which had Dr. Gabbay on as an expert witness." (Ally

Bolour, Esq.). Contact Professor Gabbay with any questions. He

can also recomend country experts outside his specialty.

Professor Shaul M. Gabbay, Phd, Korbel School of International

Studies, University of Denver, mailto:sgabbay@du.edu, (303)



4. Case Management Technology

Use technology to leverage your immigration practice with

INSZoom's powerful immigration case management products, which

include 800+ forms updated within 24 hours of release with no

patches or required downloads. This online tool - accessible from

anywhere and anytime - provides e-filing of 20+ essential forms

and gives you access to client relationship management and

practice management tools, group calendaring, emails, notes,

reports, billing and invoicing modules, automatic email alerts

and reminders, document storage and assembly, and many other

immigration management tools. The online library of customizable

questionnaires, letters & email templates, ability for clients to

check case status online. Compliancy modules: I9, LCA, AR 11,

PERM, optional services: credit card processing, Outlook &

QuickBooks integration. An ISO 27001:2005 and 9001:2008 certified

company, INSZoom has been providing leading edge technology

solutions for all sizes, from solo practitioners to large

immigration law firms worldwide, corporations, universities and

non-profit organizations since 1999. The world's largest

immigration software company, INSZoom delivers robust and

flexible solutions customized to your practice's needs. Schedule

a complimentary online demonstration by calling (925) 244-0600 or

emailing mailto:info@INSZoom.com. Learn more about why INSZoom

has a 99% customer retention rate at


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