OK, I'll admit that I love Olympic curling. I do have to re-learn the rules every four years, but once you're watching for a little while, you get hooked. I'm reminded a bit of the shuffleboard we used to play at my grandparents retirement community in Florida when I was a kid. So I was happy when doing my research on the Olympic team to discover an immigrant on the curling squad. There actually aren't that many immigrants on Team USA in the winter games compared with the typical summer Olympics, by the way.

Debbie McCormick moved to the US as a youngster from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and is a veteran of many world championships in curling as well as the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She actually started curling in Wisconsin as a young child and began competing when she was 13. NBC television interviewed Debbie about her experience as an immigrant in curling:
NBCOlympics.com: Still, most of your family is still Canadian. Do any of your Canadian relatives have trouble rooting for the U.S. in curling when you’re competing?

McCormick: I don’t let them have trouble! But it’s something that we definitely joke about.

My side of the family, they are ALL Canadian.

But I tell them that when they come to my events, that they CANNOT bring a Canadian flag.

I always say in Canada, when I compete there, that they try to “re-claim” me. But I always tell them that I threw my first curling stone in the United States and not in Canada.

The US women have been struggling so far in these games (0-3 at this point), but we're wishing for a quick turnaround in the days ahead.