The Vilcek Foundation has released its list of 2014 winners of its honors for biomedical science and design. There are four winners who all be writing about over the next few days. I'll start with Neri Oxman of Israel. According to Vilcek:
Israeli-born Neri Oxman, winner of the 2014 Vilcek Prize for Design, is a professor at MIT and founder of the Mediated Matter Research Group based at the MIT Media Lab. She is being honored for her innovative designs of digitally fabricated materials inspired by nature.


For her groundbreaking achievements Ms. Oxman was named “Revolutionary Mind” by SEED Magazine; one of ICON’s top 20 most influential architects; and one of the 100 Most Creative People by Fast Company. She has received a 40 Under 40 Building Design + Construction Award, a Graham Foundation Carter Manny Award, the International Earth Award for Future-Crucial Design, and a METROPOLIS Next Generation Award. Hailed by WIRED as “Nature’s Architect,” Ms. Oxman continues to challenge the design and construction of objects, buildings, and systems, even those that seem unimaginable. Yet.