Speaker Boehner today released a document providing additional insight in to their recently released GOP standards for immigration reform. The document addresses some of the objections that many in the GOP may have to a reform bill. For starters, it addresses fears that the White House won't carry out enforcement measures. The document states
Unfortunately, the Senate bill would allow this and future administrations to circumvent the Congress and decide unilaterally how to enforce our immigration laws. As part of its step-by-step approach, the House would eliminate the ability for any administration to arbitrarily decide which laws to enforce.

The Speaker also makes the case that the legalization plan is not an "amnesty" given the litany of requirements that must be met and because the legalization program will only progress as specific enforcement triggers are met. The Senate bill would start legalization immediately, by contrast. And the House is apparently going to take a tougher line on gang members than the Senate bill.