A judge has criticized the government for its failure to produce documents requested by the American Civil Liberties Union five years ago regarding the conditions of thousands of detained immigrants around the country.

The government's earlier failure to produce the documents led the ACLU to file a Freedom of Information Act request in 2011. The ACLU is particularly concerned about individuals being detained on an indefinite basis and how DHS has decided which immigrants will be subjected to this extraordinary enforcement measure.

From the Associated Press:
"[US District Court Judge Richard Berman] said the government's continued refusal to produce documents had stymied efforts to reform a system in which thousands of immigrant detainees, some applicants for asylum, languish in immigration jails longer than six months.

He also attacked as "painstaking and riddled with further delay" the government's process for releasing documents, saying the government hasn't produced any
documents since his Sept. 9 order to release documents and had at times claimed it would take seven years to produce 100 files.

The government, though, said in its letter it is "not feasible" to produce documents from more than 22,000 individual files as ordered but said it can produce a reliable sample of 385 files within 15 months, with rolling releases within eight weeks of a revised order."