The Hill has a piece discussing how Ted Cruz is following the same path as John McCain and Mitt Romney and laying claim to the anti-immigrant wing of the GOP. The foreign-born, half-Hispanic Cruz might seem an odd candidate to take this position, but he doesn't seem to have a lot of competition yet as several of the expected 2016 candidates - Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio - have fairly moderate immigration positions (though it's never clear with Rubio - it depends on the day).

When Rosemary Jenks of NumbersUSA is praising you, it's pretty clear where you are on the immigration policy spectrum.

My advice to Ted Cruz is to observe what happened in the last two election cycles where the GOP nominee ran to the right on immigration and then tried to move back to the center in the general election. In both cases, it was a disastrous strategy. Your opponents understand this. They're either in the center on immigration or waffling enough that they don't totally alienate either side. If your goal is to simply get nominated to be President and you don't care about winning the White House, your strategy makes sense.