As soon as I saw that Chuck Grassley's name linked with this story, I grew suspicious. Former USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas, now nominated for the number two position at DHS, is under investigation from DHS' Inspector General regarding the approval of an EB-5 case for a Chinese investor in a project to which Hilary Clinton's brother and Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for Virginia governor is linked. While I don't have any clients involved with the GreenTech electric automobile plant EB-5 project, it's located in nearby northern Mississippi and to date there have not been any reports of any improprieties. What there have been are numerous questionable EB-5 decisions in regional center cases across the country so if Director Mayorkas got involved in trying to straighten a bad decision out, I wouldn't be surprised. And that's all that seems to be at issue here.

I can tell you that Director Mayorkas has an outstanding reputation and that no one I know has ever questioned his integrity even regarding decisions he's made over the years that have not been to our liking. I hope this news doesn't scuttle his nomination for his new position. He deserves the appointment.