The NY Times reports on a new Public Religion Research Institute poll showing 6 in 10 Hispanics saying they have grown closer to the Democratic Party than in the past. 48% had negative opinions of the Republican Party compared to 22% for Democrats. Republicans hoping that immigration was just one on a list of issues of importance that might be overlooked by people otherwise supportive will be disappointed. Hispanics told pollsters that they were much more likely to vote for candidates based on immigration than on other issues.

Of course, this should not really be news to Republicans. The drubbing at the polls was due to many factors but certainly much can be attributed to the one-two punch of performing worse than ever with Hispanics and having a million more of them voting than in 2008. Expect that number to grow by another million by 2016 which means Republicans will need to perform much better with Hispanics just to tread water.