Fortune Magazine recently reported that, “According to the former chairman of the supervisory board of China Investment Corp., China’s sovereign wealth fund, 70% of China’s investment overseas is unsuccessful.” The article attributed that failure rate to a lack of three things: local knowledge, management skills, and sophistication. It added that, “Such an abysmal record can mean only one thing – Chinese investors need professional help.”

Regional Centers and Direct EB-5 Projects should consider this fact when promoting the EB-5 immigration opportunity. With all of the benefits that the EB-5 program offers, the one at the top of the list should be the availability of Regional Centers and Direct EB-5 Projects themselves. One of the purposes of the American Corporate Services, Inc. concept is to provide investors with a single point-of-contact that offers access to expertise in every area of the both the investment and the immigration process.

The happiest day in a Chinese investor’s life should be the day he shakes the hand of an American Corporate Services, Inc. President. With the failure rate of the super-rich investors as high as 70%, American Corporate Services, Inc. have the ability to provide a much greater success rate for investors who immigrate using EB-5.

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