If we look at only the U.S. side of EB-5 investments, it’s not long before we start to think that it’s all about the money. It’s any entirely different perspective for Chinese investors. For them, the investment is a means to an end. Obviously, immigration to the U.S. is that end. But do you know the factors that drive that motivation? Here are four of them.
  1. Pollution. The Chinese industrial revolution has created so much air pollution that it has been referred to as the “smogpocalypse.” Air pollution levels were recently measured at 20 times recommended safe extremes.
  2. Cancer. The cancer rates in China are extremely high. It is generally believed that the source is contamination of the food supply caused, at least in part, by the pollution. According to the World Health Organization, China accounts for 21.8% of new cancer cases reported and 26.9% of deaths due to cancer worldwide.
  3. Changing government policies. As China changes, so will government policies, especially those relative to finance and taxation. This is a particular concern for those who have accumulated investable resources.
  4. Education. Given the ability to make the choice, Chinese parents generally prefer to have their children educated in American institutions. Suffice it to say that, especially if the family are U.S. residents, both the experience and the career potential are more desirable.

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