Practically speaking, investors have probably never had it so good. There has never been funding quite so simple to obtain or quite so attractive for developers as EB-5. Here are three reasons why EB-5 is so attractive.

  • Their reason for investing: EB-5 investors are foreign nationals who want to immigrate to the U.S. Their goal is immigration. Their method is investment. In other words, the EB-5 visa program is a means to an end. And, for high net worth individuals, the end really does justify the means. The fact that they have $500,000 or more to invest is the essential qualifier for their visa. From the investors’ perspectives it’s not about your project needing funding. It’s about them wanting to immigrate.
  • Their return on the investment. While every investor wants a return, the size of the return is a much lower priority for EB-5 investors. Access to Green Cards for themselves and their families is their number one priority. Therefore, even though they could easily make a better ROI in their homeland, they are willing to invest $500,000 at very low interest. It’s not the return on the investment that is important to them. It is the return of their investment after five years.
  • Their investments may be pooled to reach your financing needs. Developers may gather and pool all the EB-5 funding they need as long as ten new jobs will be created for each individual immigrant investor.

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