With the increase in issued EB-5 Visas and economic growth,
President Obama is working to make the EB-5 program permanent.

Established in 1990, the EB-5 program has been honed and renewed
over the last two decades. Every three years, the bill is resigned, and is
currently scheduled to run its course through 2015. For President Obama, this
is not enough. The success of this program has been critical in the restoration
of America's fractured economy.

America has always been considered the proverbial "melting
pot," fostering immigration and diversity. The EB-5 program continues to
support that American ideal, providing, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of
happiness" for current citizens by creating much-needed jobs, and "life,
liberty, and the pursuit of property" for immigrant investors looking for
permanent residency in the U.S. Once again, promoting the immigration and
diversity America was founded upon.

Moreover the EB-5 program--or more aptly named "Immigrant
Investment" program--benefits America's international relations, encouraging immigrants
to invest in America's success.

Even though the program only requires a minimum of ten
American jobs, most exceed that quota. This program incorporates $2 billion
into the U.S. economy and at no cost to the taxpayer.

This bill is almost unanimously accepted, entreating a 412-3
vote in the House of Representatives at its latest renewal. There's plenty of
bipartisan support to solidify the EB-5 Program as a permanent, viable option
in the United States. Therefore, Obama is actively working to make it permanent.

President Obama feels that, with comprehensive immigration
reform (CIR), a permanent EB-5 Program is likely to pass in the next four
years. His current CIR includes:

  • Strengthening
    America's borders

As with his first term, Pres. Obama
wants to continue to build upon the border patrol to help reduce national
threats. This will make the EB-5 Visa program a legal and respectable

  • Crack
    down on companies hiring undocumented workers

Companies will be obligated to send
all their employee information electronically. Any who cannot submit their
employees' information will be held personally accountable for undocumented
workers in the U.S. Alongside EB-5, this will create jobs for citizens of the
United States.

  • Earned

Obama's plan includes a way to
allow immigrants to remain in America, so long as they, "play by the rules."
This includes submitting to background checks, paying taxes, going through
national security, etc. Furthermore, they must learn English to gain

  • Streamlining
    legal immigration for families

Pres. Obama wants to keep families
together; if one person is working to become a citizen, the whole family is
eligible. This will contribute to generating more economic growth.

Given the near-unanimous bipartisan support of the EB-5
program, and President Obama's policies on immigration, it's likely that the
next four years will establish the EB-5 Program as a permanent and viable
option in the U.S.

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