Here is a compilation on the latest comments made on our post "The Double Edged Sword of Annual Income":

With all due respect, if an individual HAS income, they should pay their taxes - that's part of being in the U.S. and becoming a "good citizen" as so many of my clients tell me. Why would you imply that someone should list just enough income to show need but not enough to garner attention on taxes. I'm all for immigrant rights, but not tax evasion. Is this what ILW is about? If so, I'll unsubscribe now.

-Debra Dowd

I agree with Debra wholehearedly. Anyone who wants the benefits of living in this country needs to honestly and fairly pay taxes. My father worked for the IRS and it makes me very angry when people aren't willing to pay their fair share.

- Janis Peterson-Lord

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