The following DACA field report comes from Carmen Cornejo of Dream Act Arizona:

Valdes, a DACA applicant and active member of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition,
was detained Thursday, November the 15th, 2012 by a Phoenix Police
officer and arrested, following the SB1070 playbook. He was dropping off his
younger brother at school that morning.

was stopped for allegedly driving with an expired license plate and
subsequently failing to produce a driver's license.  He became suspect to
be in the country illegally, enough reason in Arizona to be locked up and sent
to dreadful 4th Ave. Jail, the realm of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies. He
spent that night among hard core criminals.  Later, a fight broke up
inside the jail.  Thankfully he was unharmed but big and tall Cesar
confessed he was really fearful.

event brought out reality to immigrant youth, DACA applicants and grantees, who
were reminded once more of SB1070 and Governor Jan Brewer's executive order to
deny DACA grantees of an Arizona Driver's License.  Click here to read the
article from the Arizona Republic
on the executive order by Governor

stated repeatedly to Phoenix Police Officer he was a DACA applicant and was not
subject to deportation anymore.  The police officer went ahead anyway. Cesar
spent 22 hrs. at 4th Ave. Jail, his mug shot taken with the footnote
"failure to show AZ driving license, ID " as an explanation and posted on the
Maricopa County Sheriff Office (MCSO) website which shows the public how Joe is
"tough on criminals".

believes he could have been released a couple of times during the process, one
when he was in front of the city judge, who declared being confused by the
circumstances.  Finally, Cesar was released upon being transferred to ICE
jurisdiction. His arrest and detention exposed bad policy: the diversion of law
enforcement resources into a deportation case that proceeds no longer.

even DACA grantees (since Arizona will not be granting driver's licenses) will
be safe from arrest and hours of detention. We may see legal challenges in the
future due to this attempt to single out beneficiaries of legal presence. But
at ADAC we question what the point is in harass, humiliate and put in danger
young persons who had entrust our system by bringing forward their personal
information through deferred action?

license plate issue?  It was a mistake of Arizona's Motor Vehicle Division
which failed to update Cesar's vehicle information.

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Carmen Cornejo